A Dream Come True: Korea, the Visa application

Just came back from our fun trip from the land of Kimchi!  I want to share with you how we were able to get our feet on Korean soil, I hope the following entries will help you plan your trip as fun as we had.

How did it all began? This is part one of my A Dream Come True: Korea series

it was June when I found out that the Cebu Pacific was giving big discounts on flights. Booked for 7 and marked my calendar! January it is!

You don’t need a visa to book a flight to Korea but you will need one to enter the country.  Since our trip is in January, we planned to apply for a Korean Visa in October.  It is amazing how lenient the visa application process is.  Just compile all the necessary documents, submit and wait for the release.  No need to set an appointment but you will need to line up early in the morning, how early? 7am-ish….

Basic Requirements you will be needing:

  1. Passport, not less than six months on the date of your trip.
  2. Employment certificates
  3. ITR
  4. Application form
  5. Bank information

Married Individuals and with Children:

  1. Marriage Certificate
  2. Birth Certificate


  1. School Residency Certificate – proof of enrollment.

Note that single-entry visa application is free-GRATIS.  Multiple entry visas aren’t. However, sometimes if you provide good standing documents the embassy has the right to award a multiple entry visa for free.

Make sure all your documents are complete before you submit.  They will check it before you reach the window.  If you decide to print the application document online, you have to print it in one page.  They have copies of the application form in the embassy and they accept hand written forms.

Once your visa application is accepted, your visa will be released in 3-5 working days.  You’re all set!  No need for all applicants to show up during the application process, just one person traveling with the group is fine.  For passport pick-up don’t forget to bring the passport coupon indicating the date and time of the release.

South Korea Embassy is located at McKinley Town Center, 122 Upper McKinley Road, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila, Philippines.  Best way to get there, take C-5 Southbound. Once you pass Market! Market! and Sm Aura, look to your right and you will see a gray colored compound with the Korean Flag.  Keep right and enter the service road. Parking is difficult so you would need to park at McKinley and walk your way back to C-5.

Check out their website for more info http://embassy_philippines.mofa.go.kr/english/as/embassy_philippines/visa/requirement/

Hope this helps!

Intimate Acuatico Beach Resort

Last December 2014 the schedule gods finally gave us the green light to spend vacation with one of our bestest couple friends Nina and Henry.  We left Pasig around 9AM and arrived at San Juan Batangas 3 hours later.  Star Toll has greatly improved.

Acuatico! Acuatico! Acuatico!  Peach Tutu has landed!Acuatico Pool

We shared a two bedroom room which is part of a villa with a second floor.  Our casita had a set outside good for four people to play mah jong (yun talga naisip).

Front Porch

There is a small common hallway, where we just parked our bags.  The room in the picture is the masters bedroom with the queen bed equipped with a LED TV complete with digital cable channels.

Common Hall

I wanted to pose a pic of our bed…but you might be disappointed.  The beds were amazingly good, but our mess is crazy.  I wasn’t able to get a clean shot before we dumped our items on it.  Just imagine two twin beds joined to form a bigger bed with white fluffy pillows and soft comforters.  So here’s the view of the tv panel instead. Naks sumi-CNN (feeling intelligence *jk*- LOL).

There really is nothing else to do but to relax.  Nina and I just took a seat, ordered coffee and enjoyed the view.  It was 1:30 PM and the boys decided to order beer and some munchies. Sabi ko kay Nina “I’m really so happy today” sabay hug sa kanya. Ang pogi ng mga boys!  We are missing you Rhett and Franz!!

Drinks and CoffeeYes, we swam too! Luis in his trunks with Ate Shumi and their gal pals.

IMG_2397Ate Shumi enjoying the pool.  She can swim, but a little bit arte.  She was able to brave the adult pool with us.

IMG_2394This is Acuatico at night, took this shot after dinner from the steps of the restaurant looking down at the pool area. That’s the pool bar in the center.  We had buffet dinner for Php600 i think.  The spread wasn’t expansive but the quality of food is good.


It was Monday the next day, I had an early team call.  This is my view at 6:30AM.  Right? Right?


This is my internet speed too.  Nicely done Acuatico! First time to work relaxing on a beach chair.


Henry was very convincing and invited OJ to try the jetski (ang wild ng buhok ni OJ).


During the ride. “Adventure time” daw sabi ni Shumi.


Syempre ako din pa ride.  Kung makahiyaw ako sa dagat wagas! First time!IMG_2436

It’s official…We have an Acuatico hangover. Kailan kaya uli?


Just in case you’re interested here are the rates:


I wasn’t able to take a picture, but they have an airconditioned play area for kids.  The complimentary uraro was also a hit.  What impressed me was the level of personal service the staff showed.  When Luis needed boxers and there wasn’t any in the resort shop that can fit him, they didn’t need to  ask, they just went out of their way to provide.  Staff were all smiles and always ready to serve.  Acautico is truly an experience to remember. I wish we can go back, ipon-ipon muna!

I love you Acuatico!

xoxo Faye —

For more info visit their website: http://www.acuaticoresort.com.ph/

The (mas) kuripot 52-week money challenge: Earning 27k to 137k on barya

Featured Image -- 2548


This looks like another great project!

Originally posted on Minimum Compliance:

A blog post from Kuripot Pinay on how someone can save almost Php 69,000 a year went viral on my Facebook wall today. The premise is simple: start the first week saving Php 50, and add the same amount every week for 52 weeks. At the end, a person will have Php 68,900.

Fifty pesos seems easy enough to keep weekly, but having to add fifty for 51 more weeks it means that every week from October onwards, you’d have to save at least Php 2,000 a week. Bigat!

So Emerald Ridao came up with modified table, showing how much you’d save with a base amount of Php 20 to a maximum of Php 100.

Pick a base amount and multiply by the number of weeks. Pick a base amount and multiply by the number of weeks.

Saving Php 20, adding the same amount weekly, will yield a decent Php 27,560 at the end of the year. A thirty peso-base will…

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Peach Tutu’s 364 Days of Running 2015 Edition

Today I ran my first run of the year.  Last time I ran was the 25k New Balance Power Run in November of 2014.

This reboot run is one of the hardest. I ran my slowest, felt my butt cramp and breath heavily. This is what the holidays did to me.  I am vowing to work it all off with my “run everyday” project.  Just 5k a day can make a difference.

Sharing with you my route for today, we chose the Ortigas business district.  This route is originally my Hubby’s preferred way.  Our route passes Ortigas Avenue, Sapphire, Garnet, F Ortigas Jr (Emerald), Ruby, Topaz and ADB avenue.  It is fairly straight forward with some little turns and loops. No elevation but the pathways are a bit worn with cement cracks. I have to warn you that it gets pretty crowded along Emerald avenue, beware of puffs a long the way. In total one cycle covers 5.85km. Not bad for a daily run!

Ortigas Route Running #TeamPerez

I can’t wait to see my end of the year result.  Tomorrow I’m measuring my body and see how fast I can lose those peste inches! Peach Tutu is excited!! Who’s with me?

Am I Ready? 25k New Balance Power Run!

power run 25k

I have major running jitters.  That’s a solid 4km on top of my favorite distance. I’m stretching everyday, eating-i gained weight. Set my date with the salon making sure my toes are trimmed.  Drunk on water and high on vitamin C.

I can do this – we can do this. A whole new world of pain and a lot of positive things to gain! Peach Tutu is excited!! Cheers to another adventure!


A few months back someone left a message on my blog  asking if I was willing to answer a few questions.  

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 12.30.39 AM

When I got her message, I was like–is this real?  Someone actually reads my blog? I was excited to write her a response.  Hmm..what to tell her? She was asking me for “some tips on how to look good while running” NUKS naman, ako magbigay ba ng beauty advice while running?  Me ganon!? You see I run in a tutu, I wrote a blog last August why I chose to run in  one. Wearing something as bulky as a tutu isn’t so bad.  Its actually fun, it adds personality to the runner and I get to spot myself easily in the photos.

My friend Carlo messaged me on FB early Thursday morning that he saw me on Runner’s World Ph.  It was ELEVATION MOMENT.


In summary, my pointers are:

1. Always lather yourself with a moisturiser in friction prone areas like the waist band, bra area (for girls), inner arms, inner thighs and yes even your groin. I use petroleum jelly and so far it works.

2. HYDRATE, HYDRATE and HYDRATE.  Your skin will thank you!

3. Lastly, I forgot to mention in the article – wear sunblock.

I wore my Peach Tutu again last Sunday and ran another 21k.  We were horridly late, imagine Pasig to MOA took us 1 hour.  Traffic was crazy at 2:00AM.  I didn’t make PR, I actually had to stop by an ambulance to get my BP, I had pain in my lower right part of the chest.  My BP turned out to be 130/80 –hmm and I was running at an average of 7.20 (not really fast but not really walking too). Good bye 10 minutes, I figured it was cramping muscles and I just needed a banana.  Glad they had a banana station.

collage rexona

It was another fun run with my best running buds OJ (XOXO), Nina and Liza (Level-up na kayo sa 21k girls!!!)

Wooohooo Peach Tutu ran another 21k! On to another milestone on Nov. 9, New Balance Power Run: 25K category! Keep ‘em coming!

Get a copy of Runners World PH in stores now!

runners world front

After a looooong hiatus from blogging..I’m back!

I have been one busy woman.  My life is jam-packed with all sorts of activities that my husband would label me “distracted” every time he gets a chance to.  The brain of a woman is so complex.  I get to focus a good hour on a task then I shift to another “hey a squirrel” moment.

My laptop–correction our family’s laptop finally gave in.  Our very used Lenovo just went blue screen on me in the middle of a bloody excel battle.  I knew the laptop was falling into pieces.  There were signs, the fan was noisy and the computer would heat up, like really hot (tssss!).  I bought an external fan which helped on the first 2 weeks, but it too gave up after a month.  The sides were cracking, it was only a matter of time. I am using a loan laptop, a Core 2 Duo which back in 2005 was the fastest machine out in the consumer market. The computer is an HP pro book and it weighed a heavy almost 3kgs.  it would take me a lot of effort to haul it to one part of our small space to another.  Now with the minimal programs that I use, a simple cut and paste would take me 30 seconds to accomplish. Gaaah!

Everyday seems to be  filled with at least 10 emotions and I am amazed at how I manage to get through each day without shedding a tear.  It’s true, when you face death in the eye nothing really scares you….except for moomoo but that is another story <hahaha>.  I would fantasise about writing, steaming out my thoughts about freelance, motherhood and “looking for ways to earn money cause daughter is entering big school” sort of things in the small breaks that I have until I hear my daughter say “I want Mommy”.

My family keeps me sane, even if they are sometimes the reason why I feel crazy.  I am reminded that I am loved unconditionally, needed, wanted and those are the main reason why I keep going and going and going….just like that pink energiser bunny.  Chin up working Moms , Momprenuers and those addicted to multi-tasking.  We all love what we do and I salute you!


I Love Running! Peach Tutu at it Again!

Faye 2

Things that Running can make me do:

1. Wake-up SUPER EARLY to get tired (happy tired) –had no sleep literally “0” winks the night before the race.

2. Train your brain to focus on one goal (faster….so I can get to the next hydration station)

3. Bring out the competitive in me (I must catch up with OJ!!! I must catch up with OJ!)

4. Be a good sport (Ubos na ba ang loot bag? OK lang!)

5. Become extra friendly, coz smiling is important (specially when photographers are taking your picture)


I will never look at you the same way again Inflatable Obstacle Course!! Nevarrrr!!!

Ensure Run gave me one helluva fighting with three of these bad boys!  You can’t bring a cancer survivor down!!! If they can do it, so can I!  Will power and a boost from the hubby made me climb the last tall slide.  Yeah!

Fun 10k! What’s next???