IQ, me and papers

Gloomy day.. wish it all away.. or maybe wish me could stay in my cuddly bed and sleep all day.


BEACH!! where are you when I need you!!!

I watch through the semi tinted office window/”emergency exit incase of fire” of my first floor office, I can’t help my mind wandering off. I got my IQ test that our company randomly asked people to do. What the heck I’ll take it. I was drumming my fingers on the table thinking the answers to riddles, computing the distance, area of the triangles when all my high school day memories of my guidance hour came rushing back. I was proud back then to tell anyone who asked me what I want to do as a life long job. I want to be a Miss Universe interpreter, yes i want to be a linguist, but not just any ordinary linguist, I want to be SIKAT! Hahaha.. I always thought it would work out that way, me going to UP learning all sorts of fascinating languages, touring the world after. Day dream ends! O well, i did really think that it was my destiny to be glamorous and all sorts by learning new languages. The only language that I knew was spanish and to that, “Si” and “por favor” stuck in my brain. Ok back to my IQ test, i was surprised to find out i got 124. I dully remember having an IQ of 110 (damn proud at that time) and I double checked my result. Is this for real? did my brain evolve after 10 years of education?? Am I mutant? hahaha.. maybe just lucky that my fingers ticked the right boxes. I was in denial, my mind can’t absorb the fact that I have a talent in ticking the right boxes, even really answering the right questions. Soon I came to realize that maybe I did have 124, having a hobby of reading of scientific journals paid off. Eventhough my friends think I’m uber geek.. yes I do feel Uber Geek! What’s wrong with being one? SO… as my first blog ends today, I keep on thinking of the load I have to finish. I slouch in my fairly soft ergonomic seat lazily opened my drawer and started to face the white papers again. Just you and me kids!

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