I was born 1981

I ask my Mom every night if I look older than usual. She’d say “yes.. your fat, your thighs are big and your wrinkles are showing”. I ask her again.. what was it like in 1981? Well I get the answer.. ‘nagbrebreakfast tayo sa manila hotel.’ I candidly hope they hid all the gold underground and i will dig it one day.

It was 1981 ..

Kim Carnes was number 1 in billboards for Bette Davis Eyes

First US space shuttle was launched

Reagan was shot in Washington

The year AIDS was published and recognized as a global threat by CDC, USA

Then I think again… 2006… hmm.. in 25 years time 2031.. where will I be?

Would I still be alive? you can’t really phase out the idea of war .. then the anti-christ.. is osama dead? 3 days of darkness. I’m kinda spooked. I dunno if my mom ever thought back 1981 where would she be in 2006.. i’m still guessing…


2 thoughts on “I was born 1981

  1. Don’t worry my Dear.. We will relive those moments when your family’s having lunch at Manila Hotel. But this time it will be slightly different, we’re the proud parents of our Baby Shumi accompanied by Baby Shumi’s proud Grandparents. That I promise you!Peace out!

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