Forgetful Oldies Goodbye

I came across my daily check on the latest Scientific America website news just this lunch hour. Headline articles about polar caps in the moon, cute little DNA nanobots that play tic-tac-toe and some alternative energy source. I’m sure that people my age can relate to this interesting news…

“Marijuana-like compound may fight Alzheimer’s”. (Scientific America, Oct 18. 2006)

A group of researchers headed by Dr. Gary L. Wenk from Ohio State University in Columbus found this new compound they call WIN. Alzheimer’s disease an inflammation of the brain, a degenerative disorder that is present early on in life. The development of the symptoms manifest after many many years (u get the pic), that’s why we have the term “makakalimutin” a very dangerous term in my vocabulary from now on. WIN is a compound similar to Marijuana but does not mimic the natural “high”. They have only tested this in rats. “On tests of memory performed during the third week of treatment, WIN-treated older rats were able to hold on to key details of a specific water maze task that they’d been taught, whereas the untreated older rats were not.” , according to the results.

Added “studies have shown that people who routinely use anti-inflammatory drugs, particularly the ones that cross the blood brain barrier, have a significantly reduced incidence of Alzheimer’s disease. Marijuana has strong anti-inflammatory effects. “This is why I believe that people who used marijuana a few decades ago are much less likely to develop any disease, such as Alzheimer’s, that relies upon the slow development of brain inflammation,” Wenk told Reuters Health.

HOORAY!!! hahaha ok fine… we get caught and we wont have liscense big deal.. at least I can remember after 40 years or something.

DISCLAIMER: these test are not design for human testings. In vivo test on animal models are not necessarily applicable to humans since their metabolism is different from ours.

I do get the point that it is still an illegal thing to smoke weed, since there really is no solid scientific evidence on the long term value of marijuana. More research must be done … MORE INDEED!

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