A long week

As i try to prove to myself that I can finish all the paper work I was left with, different sorts of things flood through my mind. YEsterday I went to work half day as I wasn’t feeling well. My sister and I who have not sat together and watched a movie for a long time became couch potatoes and saw two movies. The wicker man and The Omen. There is a theme.. stupidity and creepiness. I really dont get it why nicolas cage in the movie despite the haziness in his ex wife’s attitude believed her. He’s a friggin COP for the love of puppies!

Deductive reasoning…

I so don’t like the movie, even though its very amazonian in nature and the costumes were fun to look at, very wickan– love the fask masks–

the movie is still stupid!

I just like that everytime nicolas cage punches, the people seem to really fall down with a 360 turn. I’m not going to recom the film since I ddnt like it.

The Omen on the other hand had a good flow in the story. Yup it is literally the remake of the film. The demon child! I just hope they dwell more in Damien’s character. It was my first time to watch a movie that the main proponent of the film was just a shadow. I remembered Remus Lupin more.. mr Werewolf paparazzi.

All in all, I like watching occultist themed movies. The real scare to me is knowing that the signs in our times are pointing in some sinister direction. I hope its not to hell…

Sadam Hussein is getting the rope. My opinion, one man hanged won’t bring back all those people he killed.

I’m so excited that Harry potter OOTP trailer’s coming up this November in HBO. I’ll be checking my apple trailers … everyday

Mid term elections.. think its high time the democrats say something.. am a filipino so that makes me automatically a democrat since.. yeah but our country is Republic of… so im a Repucrat! dang that sounds really smelly.


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