Ang Halaman sa labas ng bintana

Hmm…being stuck in the office after lunch makes u feel dreamy, makes ur vision hazzy.. ur getting sleepy. I plugged in the music of Trina so I wont bang my head for feeling this way. I so thought my Boss will be back today. I was prepared pa naman to buy ice cream. She was out for two weeks and I’ve been having nightmares that she was mad at me for making the wrong reports. I woke up sweating with just the idea. I’m so night scared of her, I just don’t want to fail her. I really want to make this job work for me. I am in the cross road na this year you really have to know what your career path is.

My friend got married over the weekend, and by golly it was an awakening for me and my boyfriend. We were seeing details of things we like and what we don’t like. Well for starters I really liked her gown and the whole set up. It was a simple nuptial. Makes everything intimate and lovely. Kaso having that many people didn’t really made the wedding all too happy. Maybe kasi I’m a party loving person so I’d rather have a part wedding than the subdued type. I don’t want it to be too grand like my sister’s or too comic-y like the ones i attended. I just have this picture in my head that I can’t get forget.

I just got my mum an early christmas gift. Yes im so proud of myself, haha a bit yabang, i got her a celfone. My mum deserves the best talga. I just hope she likes it and I hope that even though shes kinda oldish, she can still use it. I requested a manual written in tagalog hahaha! I’m gona quiz her after wards. Training ito!

OK! back to work!


What’s up with the title? The whole time i’m writing this blog, see the freaking plants outside. hehehe


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