OOTP 238

“Avada Kedavra!”…. the eerie words coming from Voldemort. 238 days before the Harry Potter movie’s fifth installment Order of the Phoenix. July 13, Friday marks the date of its international release. I have come to terms with myself to suppress any feeling of joy when I see the trailer. Thank you mugglenet for posting this latest release poster from WB . It however makes me wonder why they choose Voldemort to appear as the first character poster? In the book Voldemort only appeared at the last part during the duel between Dumbledore at the ministry. Hmm.. I wish Cuaron made the movie he is such a good director. Still we don’t know how this movie will turn out to be. I have made my personal predictions and I will sound like a raving lunatic/groupie “BLOODY AMAZING!” The first two films were a bit of a disappointment as the themes were more geared to younger audiences. I specially got bored with Chamber of Secrets as it did not made the impact that the other three films did. WB learned a lesson not to hire the same director for two consecutive times as it will make the movie predictable (mind my irony).

As my final words today.. from a geek… 238 bloody sleepless nights before I make my date with my fictional loved ones.


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