The AJXI Concord Release 2011 Saga

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I have never in my life experience the hype of a shoe release…..

AJXI 23 Concord  TOMORROW!

The husband has been having sleepless nights over these babies.  With good friends and CIA-like Ninja moves we secured a green chip from Titan 22, a local basketball concept store that showcase authentic hard to find sport merchandise.  The green chip will allow us to line up for the Titan 22 store release of the much awaited Concords.

Our couple friend was able to win a slot to guarantee them to buy without lining up, or camping out.   This will leave us, Team Perez to do an amazing race, a spree to a wonderful Christmas.

Things that I will bring to my super early line up tomorrow:

1. bottled water

2. ipad

3. fully charged phones

4. something to munch on (not my nails)

5. charm

Oh, husband is working so he wont line up with me at 3 in the morning! EXAGGGGEEE!!!

I seriously hope that with all our efforts, we can make the cut off of the magnificent 200.

I heard campers are in position, good thing it is a 1 pair per person sale!

All this for the love of my husband and for the love of his game.

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