The AJXI Concord Release 2011 Saga Completion (Photo Blog)

True love knows no boundaries.

Yes, that is the passion my husband shares for the re-release of the Jordan 11’s Concord.  Being the good wife, I was willing to do all the dirty work if necessary.

Call me traumatized, but I am claustrophobic (read: no confined spaces, no skip lines, please do not cross my personal bubble/space or else).  I was so scared to see what is waiting for me when I get to Ronac Center.  To my surprise, it was the total opposite.

The other girl kasi was upstairs...
The Magnificent 20’s! Grabbed from Mel Castrence FB

At 5AM, there were 19 Dudes ahead of me, and they’re all cool!  One of them made a really cool Budoy impersonation.  It made my waiting stress free, I didn’t mind the time spent.

The one list that matters!

I am truly grateful for the people who came in first.  They made a list honoring  people by order of appearance.  This made our wait easy and stress-free.  Which is the total opposite of the Nike release at Bonifacio High Street. Ang jeje lang.

According to my friend Joy, pagandahan ng shoes…. take note, lahat Nike. ako lang naka new balance.  I was warned to run if I need to.. hahaha! Take not hindi crowded house!

Foot wear
More shoes

Every time  people from Titan post something, people would converge.

Reminders from Titan

Everything was on time, 12 o’clock, release of the wrist bands.

These guys were the first, Raymond (Green Lantern) was there since 1:30PM Thursday! Grabbed from Mel Castrence FB
Kinda looks magulo, but it really is not

Kala ko sosyal na wristband, pang ospital pala. Economical! keri lang!

These babies are secure!!

Our Tags! YEYS!

Tags Tags Tags!

Our friends who were lucky enough to secure guaranteed sizes picked up their shoes at 1PM. Woot! more time for shopping.

Team Tagle first in line! (wag kalimutan ang resibo)
Jeff and OJ loving the shoes

Since our release was slated for a much later time, we played bowling while waiting for 6PM.

Date muna

Sorry for my ignorance, I really thought that they were hosting a POKER tournament (Green, Blue and Black Chips kasi) , Titan 2K12 Tournament pala was NBA 2K12. Toinks!!!!

Ang daming boys playing with Toys!

Ang daming shoes! Ang daming shoes! Ang daming shoes! No crossing the yellow line..unless you’re Sarah Meier.

At last! 7PM, release na!

Proud of their Jordan 11s

Everyone was so excited! ang babait pumila!!!  We got our shoes at around 7:15PM.  MAHVAHLOOUS FEELING!

The Titan Release of the Jordan 11 Concord was such a success! It won us new friends too and followers!!

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I love how they say it… for the love of the game!! Really, for me.. For the love of my husband! I hope he is happy for my effort Christmas gift!

You made this all happen!!

Titan you made a fan out of me! More power!! I love Ronac Center na!

Happy Camper Husband! @ojperez22

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