Tradisyon: Shake Rattle and Roll 13 (a movie review)

Shake Rattle and Roll 1984

Everyone born and raised in the Philippines would know that almost every year Mother Lily (the movie tycoon) releases the popular Shake Rattle and Roll (SRR) film franchise.

SRR is a combination of 3 horror shorts that combines folklore and urban legends to scare the shit out of you.

My most favorite stories includes the Mananaggal (a flying mutilated half body female eating people), Aswang (a village of people who prey on unknowing victims from the city) and Yaya (An old Nanny ghost after babies) that features the shrieks of Krissy Aquino.

Hello there I whisper with wings!
Hire me for your baby!
Run Mane! Run!!

There has been 13 episodes so far in the film series and last night as part of tradition the husband and I braved the humid night to watch it.

Entering the cinema was kinda eerie to begin with.  The Robinson’s theater looks haunted na.  Specially the CR. I funnily told myself “dito nga nakakatakot na, OK sa conditioning”.  We waited for 5 minutes before the actual film started.  Usually, we enjoy watching movies far from the crowd, I hate it when people discuss the film story line as an unsolicited commentary, but this film is different.

Yes, I am a scardy cat! and a big one!  I wished we had people sit beside-in front and back of us, but no it was the aisle and the vacant two chairs at my right.

The first short was baduy, the thought of Maricar crying blind failed.  The drama scene was so funny… paulit ulit na sinasabi “bakit namatay si pey?”, “patay na si pey!” “anong nangyari at namatay si pey”. LAUGH FEST. The story involves  a family that relocated in the province to start a new life. Zanjoe is the stepdad and Maricar is the blind Mom.  The young boy Bikbok felt out-of-place with the birth of the new baby in the family.  He starts seeing shadow people who sounds like zombies. The previous caretaker (the job which Zanjoe took over) took a crystal like egg from the elementals.  This angered the shadow people and sent a flurry of insects and allergens to the poor family.  In the end the shadow people took Bikbok as replacement for the egg, Zanjoe was killed by long fingernails and Maricar kept crying. Ugh! ayaw ko na. nakakaumay. nakakatawa!

How long nails you have! Oops I’m blind pala!

The second short was waaay better. It is about two best friends that got possessed by two evil witch ghosts.  The possessions eventually destroyed their friendship and their families.  What frightened me the most out of the movie is the witches’ make-up. Effective. Baro’t saya + Black ladies +scary fingers = frightened me.  This segment is benta for me.  Medyo baduy lang yung ilang effects pro keri na!

No thanks! I don’t need a hug! Exorcist level! 

The third one I can relate to.  I was also a victim of Ondoy.  We were stranded in waist deep waters trapped in the second floor of my in-laws then house.  I was with my one month old daughter, my husband was stranded with his father somewhere in the Katipunan area.  It was the scariest moment of my life.  The story revolves around Eugene’s character who has rain phobia.  During the height of Ondoy, the family’s business was lost as well as her baby.  They wanted to start a new life getting a top floor condo unit and relocating their business elsewhere.  An unfortunate family secret caused a series of untimely deaths, eerie apparitions and nightmares haunts er family.  The CG was baduy but I can say it is better naman than the other films released.

shh…… let us out!
Eugene…. i still find you funny when you’re crying!

The movie left a subliminal imprint in my mind, that “might” last for a couple of days.  The only thing that I noticed is I am the only one screaming in the movie house?  Ako lang ba nakaka appreciate ng katatakutan?  Or siguro nakapikit ang mga kasabay namin manood kaya keri nilang maging emotionless.

Di ka ba matatakot dyan pag kasabay mo sa elevator?

Watch it! It can give you a good scare. Good cinematography, but some effects were lousy, specially Ara Mina’s involuntary spasms when she fell. Oh, hindi ba effect yun? Acting ba? Oops!

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