I AM @huneyfaye

In this day and age of social networking, the internet is THE if not the most powerful form of communication in the world.

Like Friendster, Myspace, High5 and the other social networking sites that  lost its relevance along the way (rest in peace) Facebook and Twitter holds the top user usage to date.

Facebook what do you do?  Update your status, load photos, play whatever you want to be like  a farmer, waiter, gambler, killer or maybe a princess. So much endless choices of alternative reality!

Personally,I don’t want to look sometimes at Facebook, maiinggit lang ako. Yes I am inggit, gusto ko din makapunta ng France, Dubai, South Africa, Fiji at magmay ari ng isang damakmak na LV, Gucci, Prada at Loubotin.  Gusto ko din ng malaking bahay with garden and swimming pool.  Ayan.. frustrations ko na nasa Facebook.  Kaya sorry kung hindi ako masyado nakakasabi ng Happy Birthday at mag click ng “Like”.

(The paragraph above is a joke ah — sarcasm)

Twitter on the other hand is candid, real and personal.  You get to say whatever you want  as long as it is under 140 characters.  Anything over than that..sorry I’m only subscribe to BB Social (8888) so di ko ma click ang link para ma reveal.  I used to follow Hollywood celebs.  I don’t really know any Pinoys who tweet back in 2009.  So i hibernate. They don’t really respond to my tweet. I tweeted Kylie Minogue once coz it was my birthday, DEADMA. So UNFOLLOW them.  Hindi ako relevant sa kanila, hindi rin sila RELEVANT sa akin.

You seriously don’t need  a movie to be a celebrity.  Twitter makes celebrities too. Usually Bloggers becomes instant celebrities.  Case in point my favorite website http://www.chuvaness.com . She already made a name for herself, but being a blogger and candid on Twitter makes her my favorite online celebrity.

Cecil Van Straten... I love your Pepper Lunch! @RhettDMD @gelza

I also met real amazing people on twitter.

Who would not know Mr. Sherwin Sowy @ssowy.  He came home to Manila last week of December and alas we all met up for dinner.

He has giveaways! walang kupas!
@ssowy's angels @hazehung @joyscabaltera .. Me! @huneyfaye
Angel Distrito's Table haha! with @noelledeg @jeldirecto @TaraJerika @jefftagle

My Pan Da Becks!

Pan da Beks @SofieMorabe @joyscabaltera @sarahalconcel @jackiego , we missed you here @hazehung

I am so happy to have met new friends

now with curls

I also love that my family is on twitter

My Sister @BarlowGurl01 with daughter Gabbie

My brother @franciscford (sorry walang pic!)

and ofcourse my Hubby

@ojperez22 Taking a seat at Ayala Ave

My homegrown girls

@Harr1etTheSpy @QriousKitty thanks @Jayromeister for the Pic 😉

**Phoebe ang haba ng reach mo!

Everyone is on Twitter!  and doncha just love it!!!

Follow us @huneyfaye @ojperez22!! let’s make this world rock!! woohoo!! 2012!!!

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