Globalstride friends :)

Graduating B.S. Microbiology from The University of Santo Tomas I never would have imagined my life path to be this way.  No, I never had that moment, when I said “I was born this way” and started a life long career behind the bench work of Science.At 21, I was so idealistic, sure it was hard to find that first “you’re hired” in the first month after getting the diploma.  I went through the process of applying to classified ads, getting the know how online or even asking friends for favors.

It was by some pull of destiny that I ended up at Globalstride (formerly known as Webservasia).  I worked with young millionaires like Armand Arreza and Rommel  Moral.

That is also the place where I met life long friends

Duane, Sheldon, Jason, Jordan, Benj, Gi, Mr. Brightside Alain and Sha


Ang nipis ng kilay ko (with MervohGroverrr)


In good times(Minger, Alain, Benjie and Vinz)


kiddie time with Erwin and Jana


and scandalous times….OH WE REMEMBER THE MOMENT with the man Mr. Jason Arcilla


but most importantly I found my Significant Someone… my Mr. OJ Perez


I guess destiny did want me to make a detour 🙂

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