Germany 2 years ago (a travel post) part 1

My 2 year delayed post of Germany.

This trip reminded me that there are no bounds on where your feet can take you.  Others might give you a disapproving eye for choosing larga over a symposium, but it was one of those days where serendipity takes your hand.

It was July 15, 2012 when I received this amazing letter from the Union inviting me to present my study on the upcoming World Conference on Lung Health.  The Union usually hosts the yearly conference in Paris, France, but in 2010, they chose Berlin, Germany.

I was dancing up and down thinking just wow! My previous company is willing to support my travel expense and all I need to do is show up at the poster exhibit where questions will be thrown at me about what geeky ways have I tried to look at tuberculosis.

We were booked through the KLM (then) flight bound for Amsterdam with connecting flight to Berlin.  The plane was cramped, but I was so giddy, look at the view outside the plane! Barren land, with snow caps.  Looks like Chinese-Russian-Afghanistan desert.

I was so excited, I had to have a picture wherever I can pose before we got in immigration at the Schipol Airport.

Ruffy, Me, Dr. Janice, Ms.Nona and Odie (Henry’s taking the shot)

What was so exciting was it was my first trip in a European Country, if I can only foursquare!

We arrived cold, it was around 4 degrees and our friend Ruffy decided to wear monkey slippers just so he can.  The cold bit his toes and he was fond of saying, they were blushing.

With Ruffy and his monkey slippers and Henry, our hotel Ibis at the background.

First day, walk using the underpass to the Convention Center (halatang ang saya!)

It was an impressive venue

The great hall

Yes some people did sleep through the sessions… *snores*

Part of attending a congress is the after session tour of the city.  You can use different mode of transport to get around the city.  The convention provides free maps and directions, it was not hard to get around.

Sosyal ang waiting shed, glass…

tagal ng bus, we wear our IDs we got free unlimited trips around the city during conference season

Our first day larga, we went to visit the historic Brandenburg Gate. We heard it was amazing to visit at night and we were not disappointed. From the convention center we rode the bus to the Berlin Zoo, from there we rode another bus no. 100 which passes the main sights like the Brandenburg gate, the Reichstag and State Opera House.

You may also take the subway, they have an enormous system.  There are some websites that can offer good direction.

The Kids- Ruffy, Me, Odie and Henry

We were standing at the same place where U2 performed 2009

image c/o getty images MTV Europe Music Awards

The first official day was tiring and we can’t wait for day two.  We have a spare time in the afternoon after my presentation in the morning.

To be continued…..




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