My labor story (from the I’m Back Bitsis post)

Hahaha! Walang nagbago maski ako ay isang Ina!

I wrote this almost 2 years ago.  Another email to the newly weds at work e-group.  Yes it’s a support group for Mommies and wives who just wants to talk about anything.

Hi Girls!

I am supposed to be on my 39th week of pregnancy as of tomorrow, August 29, 2009.
This is my birth story!
Last August 19, 2009, I filled for my Maternity leave to be on August 31, 2009 until November 18, 2009.  It was anticipated that I go through a C-Section delivery since I have a complicated case (With Corrective Scoliosis operation done back in 1995, with Spinal fusion and Harrington rod).  All was going well, I was slowly turning over my files, endorsements and all.  Apparently, my sister with my bestfriends were fixing a surprise baby shower on the August 20 for me, since I said that its fine not to have one, and there is still Binyag coming along. The Baby shower was nice, intimate, and my very best friends were there, we didn’t have games and stuff other baby showers had, we just ate at this really nice Buffalo wings restaurant (mah FAVORITE) and they gave me my baby gifts.
August 22, 2009 — my OB check up.  I was going in my 38th week of pregnancy on August 23, and my OB did an IE exam for me just in case.  She said I was all closed up and were right on track.  Went home, by the time I got home, I went to use the little girls room.  Gulat ako may bleeding!!!!!! ang dami, parang may mense ako, panic mode, ran to show my bloody panty to OJ. Sabi nya tawag ka sa Doktor! which I did, but my Doctor said, nag IE tayo, kaya baka effect ng IE, pag meron pa sa umaga ng August 23, 2009, pasok ka na sa Capitol.
August 23, 2009 — MERON PARIN! but parang in denial ako, sabi ko i’ll hold it off til after lunch.  Afternoon, meron parin, but wala ako naeexperience na pain at all. Wala talga just the bloody show. So we went to Capitol, mga residents ang nag check sa akin.  Sabi nung resident , ur 1-2cm pro are u contracting? sabi ko I dont think so. Kasi I’m not feeling anything.  They called my OB and kinausap kami ng hubby ko about my option.  Since I was elective CS, iniiwasan talga namin ung active labor and cine TERM na si baby pede na ako manganak anytime. Parang di ko ata ma grasp ang idea na mangananak ako, para akong baliw sa DR ng Capitol, I was borderline panciky and kulit, my voice was high pitch and ang dami dami kong sinasabi.
My hubby and I decided na sige manganak na ako, but on the 24th nalang, kasi may 30% surcharge daw pag weekends ako manganak. CS ako haller..di na namin afford ang 30% surcharge!
I went through the usual routine, had my CBC done, and nag enema sila which was my total night mare, ayaw ko na ulit gawin pramis.
August 24, 2009 — They woke me up to do enema at 4am. sluggish icky feeling! They gave me demerol which hindi ata nag take effect sa akin.  Natawa kami ng asawa ko, kasi sabi ng doctor ko pagpasok namin ng DR, gusto nyo ba i move sa actual planned date natin, kasi di ka naman ang cocontraction, di ka naman ang active labor eh. OK NGAUN MO LANG SINABI DIBA AFTER AKO NILABATIBA???  But we decided to push through with the plans, na manganak na nun, kasi para isang gastusan nalang.
The aneas Dr, Araceli Luna and Dra. Lopez administered a spinal anesthetic sa akin, It took them 30 minutes kasi hirap silang ipasok ang karayom sa spink ko due to scarring.  They even prepped a GA set for me, just in case.  But They were good and successful, si Dr. Araceli Luna is the Madre and she was praying while they were inserting the needles inside me.  Ang bilis nung naipasok, my legs felt numb i ddnt feel them insert the catheter, but I was very conscious the whole time.  In 10 minutes nalabas nila si Sophia ng buhay ko.  She was born at 8:16 AM.
After sya nalinisan, may first baby mommy pics kami, and then nakatulog na ako. Woke up at around 10AM sa recovery room, nangangati ang face ko kasi sa morphine.  I was back sa room ng 12 pm, and my hubby and parents were there to greet me.
Sophie was placed in an incubator for 24 hours as protocol for all CS deliveries.
August 25, 2009- We roomed in Sophie and by God’s miracle, may breastmilk ako agad, without any hirap. it was leaking when Sophie took her first bite.
I got out of the hospital yesterday August 28, 2009, kasi gusto ng Hubby ko na makapagpahinga pa ako ng lubusan.  But iba ang feeling I just wanted to get out of there talga.  I want to start my lie with my baby! Its a natural high sobra!
Ito break down ng aking expenses sa Capitol para sa mga future Moms considering it as a place for panganganak.
Professional Fees:
OB Dr. Lilia Luna : P40,000
Aneas Dr A. Luna and Dr. Lopez : P16,000
Pedia Dr. Encarnacion : P 7,500 (with ear holing)
Hospital expense total (Room is private deluxe) 5 days stay : P45,000 +/-
Deduction of Philhealth : P18,800
There you go!
Hope nakatulong ako! Ito na matutulog na muna ako at sasabayan ko si Sophie, its so hard…I only had 2 hours of full sleep since yesterday.
Right now… Shumi is fast asleep, well it’s almost 2:30 am Manila time.
Fresh from the womb sorry picture kinda graphic

From Shumi’s first cries… to…

turning 3 this August 24th


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