Sleepless in Ortigas

It is 1:10am Manila Time.
I’m still wide awake.
Effects of unemployment, the day I turned in my resignation, I got sick, now I’m suffering from Insomnia. My body was spent working almost 12 hours a day for 6 days a week for the past 3 months. I guess a bit of rest did its toll.

There are so many things running through m mind.
1. The offer. I can’t really talk about it yet since everything happened so fast and the furious. I’m crossing my fingers it is something good to consider.
2. Missing my office mates. Right now they are in a middle of operations, they have an ACU with one of the bigger BPO’s in the country. Wishing them all the best.
3. Ian Somerhalder, gosh he really leaves an imprint. I was browsing this gossip website online earlier and his picture stood out. It was like he was looking at me..well not really, pero ang intense lang makatitig sa camera. Those eyes.

image courtesy of someone else

4. Trip to my Mom’s later. I wonder what she’s cooking.
5. Walang kamatayan na Harry Potter. Which reminds me, I have to explore pottermore.

These thoughts are just repeating themselves! Siguro may nagiisip sa akin. Haha.. I bet it’s you Mr. OJ. haha *iwish*


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