Transit of Venus

The earliest memory I can recall was walking down the path between our house and my Grandparent’s, probably mid-day and chances are I was hoping to score lunch with my Aunt.

The second earliest memory I had was my keen interest in the Universe.  My favorite book was this 1970’s hard bound book simply titled “The Universe”.   I would spend hours just looking at the pictures, I guess I was able to read since I remember the words Quasars and the Big Bang theory.  It opened my mind to the idea that we may not be alone in this world.  They had illustrations of a non-fiction world that would probably ‘if the planet was to support life-they would look like this”. Typically, Venus’ inhabitants are tall, blond and gorgeous looking creatures that floats on air, yes the air is dense enough for them to float on.

In reality, scientists have constructed a detailed geography of Venus’ atmosphere and land structure.

No tall good-looking being here. Sulfuric Acid Rain, Intense Pressure, Unbearable Heat. It’s not your regular sauna.

Video courtesy of National Geographic Channel HD

The other day June 5, 2012 NASA was able to record a rare but predictable solar event.  The Transit of Venus.

Video courtesy of NASA/SDO’s Ultra HD images

It was a breathtaking view, seeing another planet pass by the sun.  Surely we see Venus shine in the early morning but it just gives you a different feel of actually seeing it during daylight, casting that circular shadow traveling across our Sun. Oh technology!

It is a privilege to see something this rare at our lifetime.  The transit of Venus happens in pairs every 8 years in 105 or 121 years.  The next transit is expected to happen sometime in 2117.

Venus, you are beautiful from a far.

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