BOYBAND! (the Chongko sisters version) TAKE THAT !

My sister Anna and I used to collect teeny boper magazines like BOP, Teen, Seventeen and Smash Hits.  It was 1992, we were still hung over with the New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) phenomenon.  I remember, we scored a big ass door poster of NKOTB.  Together with our cousin Tricia, we played some make-believe voodoo hoodoo by injecting colored water into the poster characters and chanting, “Arise”. OK it didn’t work, no boys when we woke up.  Please don’t send us to hell coz we played fake witchery.  :/

I was 13 years old when we got this copy of Smash Hits of the racks of South Super Market (Valenzuela).  We really didn’t know who were on the cover.  Opening and reading through the pages, we got to meet the 5 boys who will changed our youth and turned us into yes .. fanatics.

Meet Take That!


Smash Hits Take That cover courtesy of

The group was formed in Manchester comprising of Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Howard Green and Jason Orange and  Robbie Williams.  They were discovered by Nigel Martin-Smith in 1989.  Since then we started collecting magazines with Take That as cover issues.

During the same time, we were able to get free cable tv and saw our first ever Take That video “Pray”

Hong Kyut ni Mark Owen!!!! Di ko type ang babaeng maugat!

We were like crazy followers.  We pester music stores and ask them if they have copies of each and every album that Take That released.

We had a collection of their albums:


Take That and Party is their first released album 1989- 1993


Their second massive release Everything Changes where the “Pray” video belongs to is our coming of age album 1993-1995.  This was also the same album where Back for Good empowered them to superstar levels.


We we’re pretty nervous why release a greatest hits album? Oh yes… Robbie and Gary we’re not working out and decided to move on separate career paths.  February 13, 1996, it was a rainy Saturday afternoon.  We were riding our family car along EDSA North Avenue.  We were listening to 89.9 back then for their weekend countdown when they announced that Take That was disbanding.  CRIES! I can’t really remember what my sister’s reaction was, but mine was just horrible.  I sat at the back of the car and declared “who the heck are these dj’s to say that they were the ones who knew the break-up first?”. In short nagfefeeling close ako sa Take That.

Even when they disbanded, Anna and I would still look for Take That memorabilia.  When my sister went to Hong Kong for their much delayed honeymoon, she went and bought Take That videos and records at H&M.  We would watch these footage for lazy afternoons and reminisce on how cute they were.  Ehem, we were already in our 20’s.


In 2005, Take That came up with a documentary of how their lives where before during and after the break-up.   Take That for the record was very exciting to watch.  Imagine reliving our 15 year old selves misty and starry eyes looking at the television, thinking I was part of that (Take That fan-Dom) .


In the documentary they were hoping for Robbie to show up, but he didn’t.  One touching scene from that film was when they showed Robbie a video of Gary’s kids singing Twinkle star.  Robbie looked like he was about to cry and said he would exchange everything he got for that.  Gaaah!!!

2006, with the success reception of Take That For the record, the boys decided to collaborate again.  This time, no more sapawan sa talent. They released their albums Beautiful world where Patience was their tease.

You know the feeling of KILIG… yes…

They continued to release albums like The Circus where you can see equal sharing of voice and song writing talents from the rest of the group’s members.

2010, Progress came about. and it was OMG… Robbie Williams is back!  Partly, I guess maturity took its place in patching up things between the boys (Gary and Robbie).  It was awesome.  My sister got to buy one lonesome DVD of their Progress Concert in Manchester.  It was amazing!

Right now, I’m not really hearing anything from their group, I guess they are going on hiatus or fixing their marriage (apparently some members have issues with infidelity). Robbie Williams is on the road in coming up with another solo album release and Gary Barlow was a judge from UK’s X factor.

Looking back, Boy Bands held a very distinct position in every girls heart.

They made us believe in perfect guys, with perfect hair that can sing and dance at the same time.

Most specially, Boy Bands — Take That also made girls crazy. ehem.. and that doesn’t exempt me.

Side note: Let me leave you with the “Need you now” original song of The Antebellum was sung by Gary Barlow and Cheryl Cole (Girl’s Aloud) for the Queen’s Jubilee.  Ang talent hindi nadadaan lang sa ganda.


For my beautiful sister Anna C. Sevilla! I will always love you !


One thought on “BOYBAND! (the Chongko sisters version) TAKE THAT !

  1. about time babe! love u more! ❤ how i cried over the flood ruined smashits magazine and that i (like any typical shopper) would hide the take that dvds at the back shelves of hmv!!! and up until now i have jealous pangs whenever gary barlow talks about his family!!! hahahaha!!! love ur blog since u mentioned me several times!!! hehehehe!!!

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