Picking the Right Doctor

Finally got the approval of our health Insurance to cover my operation (TAHBSO – Lymph node Dissection).

Before I finally decided to settle on a specific doctor I met with three different Gyne-Oncologist. One was a direct referral of the doctor who performed my myomectomy, we met him first. Our initial consult was very thorough.  He admitted that my case was rare and he had patients like me one even younger. He went through all the details with us, answered our questions. He did not look like he was in a hurry with his consult unlike my past OBs that was so quick to answer questions but did not elaborate on the specifics. The second one was my Mom’s personal oncologist.  She was unfortunately not affiliated with my health insurance but she gave me terrific advice. She gave me hope in terms of a positive outcome for earlier prognosis. She did refer me to the another affiliated doctor in the institution which she belongs to. I met him yesterday. He was older one of the management team in that hospital. He did his interview, he was pensive.  I asked him his experience with ESS and he mentioned only one case which turned out to be a benign myoma after CD10 staining. His room was very dark and there were piles and piles of documents around his table. He is a very busy man. He answered my questions but what kind of turned me of was he did not make me feel comfortable. I’m a very candid person and sometimes I remark something funny to lighten the mood but He would just look at me. I think the most important factor in having a patient-doctor relationship is trust. Its not that I doubted his capacity but I doubted his sincerity. I look for doctors who will make an extra mile or at least have interest in the welfare of the patients. I’m afraid that I will just be a case to him that after the operation nothing.

I went back to my first referral, he was young around 40+ years old. When I saw him yesterday he did some research into my case. He was also happy that my insurance covered the procedure to be done. He also gave me full instructions on what to do 3 days prior to the operation. He has a sense of humor and yes he made me feel comfortable.

So I am counting the days that my ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes, cervix and some lymph nodes are with me. I just had my last menstruation. I savored my menstrual cramps. Bought my last set of sanitary pads.  These will all be a thing of the past starting Wednesday.

Sometimes I think that without this will I be a lesser woman. I will not be able to have kids. My eggs wont be saved (we do not have money to save these). I am thankful that I was able to have one daughter and that is enough grace God has provided us.

One thought on “Picking the Right Doctor

  1. Stay strong sis, and have faith in God, He is always there for us. i am just moved with your story and your post in weddingsatwork. I hope and pray everything will be alright physically (with your health), mentally (please dont stress out), emotionally and spiritually.

    Stay strong and God bless

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