Side effects or all in the mind?

I try not to read online articles of what to expect during radiotherapy. Today is my third day and I felt oddly sick an hour after my treatment. I’m not really a morning person, I have this tendency to skip breakfast and usually eat past 12 noon. I told the technician about the iffy feeling I had this morning about being sore and he told me they have not encountered anything like that. The usual complaints were lbm.

When I got home, I ate and went straight to bed. I felt nauseus and feverish. I took paracetamol at 6 pm and ate dinner at 7:15, now i feel like throwing up. Been sweating cold. What is this? Waaah!


My buddy Varian 🙂


This is the lotion which I have to apply asap after each therapy session. I do feel heat from the target area.


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