I’ve been heavily using social networking sites to update myself with the latest trends in fashion, food and my favorite gossip.  I found this very helpful app named ZODIO.  It is like foursquare but a more “FUNNER!” (HAHAHA).  Foursquare only tags you to check in establishments, sometimes they have special promos but unlike Zodio, the promos are more attainable, usable and likable.

This is how the Zodio app works, you can check-in, post pictures and make reviews.  Unlike foursquare, if you don’t check – in, earned points diminishes in time.  Zodio combines earned points and this gives you a chance to redeem special offers.


1.  If you have 700 points, automatically you get in Republiq for FREE.

2. 200 points will earn you free ice-cream

3.  Discounts in hot access establishments and services

How do you earn big points, just check-in and most specially review.  If you post a pic that’s additional points too.  I was surprised when I posted a pic and got 43 points in my zodio profile! I’m so addicted, I already have around 5000+ points in! 

It is also a fun way to see the latest reviews, agree with it or not you can either like or share it.

A raffle for each review you make enters you to win a free Samsung S4.  So go ahead, join the fun zodio community!

Check their site link below for more details.  

visit http://www.zodio.com

Like their page at https://www.facebook.com/ZodioPhilippines

See you there!


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