My personal spooky stories – Halloween Special

My friends knows that whenever October 31 is nears, I get excited.  Apart from my cousin Ray’s birthday! Happy birthday!  Its the season to be spooked!  It wasn’t in the Filipino culture to celebrate Halloween in a happy trick or treating type of party.  It was always sharing stories of eerie and weird mysteries.

I’m about to share some of my unforgettable experiences with the unknown.

In our small compound our parents were able to build a bungalow (1 floor level) house.  We also had a small nipa hut in the back for afternoon relaxations. My sister told me of her story about a white dwarf.  She has seen this white dwarf in more than one occasion.  One was when she was looking out from the window of the nipa hut.  The little dwarf was walking at our backyard.  Another incident was experienced with me and our dog.  We were praying one night in our house living room which was our routine with my Mom.  We were kneeling since it was the sorrowful mystery when my sister, our dog and I looked at an invisible person with only its small white boots showing.  Our dog chased it to the kitchen and we prayed harder out of fear.  They say that white dwarfs are lucky to have in the house as they bring in luck, its the black ones that we better watch out for.  They are known to play with household objects keeping them but returning it after.

Kapre and the girl

When I was 6 years old I knew that I saw things others didn’t.  Our house was full of these entities.  I’ve seen the Kapre that was living in our old narra tree.  It was around 7 in the evening, I ran to answer the telephone which was beside our living room window.  When I answered the phone I saw a very tall, dark hairy man outside the window.  I freaked out and ran to our house help.  They didn’t see anything but one time during a bad storm in the mid-90’s, our neighbor across our house swore that she saw a big “thing” riding the storm in the branches of our old narra tree.  We feel that this Kapre has been protecting us and has stood as our guardian.

You but not you…

My Mom experienced dopplegangers too.  We had our house renovated and raised the floor level high up to 18 feet from its original flooring.  Valenzuela is a flood prone zone and we just had enough of it.  My Mom was praying in the masters bedroom when she heard someone making “sit-sit” (a call using a slithering sound) outside the window.  She saw my Dad’s face, but it looked younger and blank.  She didn’t feel weird about it until she realized that the window was elevated well above the ground.  She ran to my room and asked me if I’ve seen my Dad.  She apparently opened the door and looked outside hoping to see him.  When I stepped outside our balcony my Mom in tow, we both experienced the same chills in our arms.  Goosebumps went up our spine and the thought entered my mind.  We let something in inside our house.

It was the year 2008.  I was about to get married in August. A month before the wedding, I woke up at exactly 3 in the morning.  I left my window curtains open as I like letting our neighbor’s light pass through in my room.  I was surprised to see something standing at the foot of my bed.  I had to make it out thinking it was my Mom checking in.  It only took me a second to realize it was out of this world. It was a figure of a woman, wearing tattered clothes. Her head bowed down her shoulders.  I couldn’t make out the face. I closed my eyes twice and every time I open my eyes, the figure seems to grow nearer.  I scrambled to open my touch lamp.  When it opened the image slowly faded away.  I prayed so hard that night and told my Mom when morning came. The following night I woke up again the same time and it wasn’t the woman I saw the night before, it was a little girl, still in tattered clothes but she didn’t have a face.  My Mom agreed to sleep with me the next night.  As expected I was awake by 3am.  This time this spirit spooked me out big time.  It was now an old lady.  I woke up my Mom up, she was awake but claims she’s not seeing anything.  My heart was pounding fast. The figure was directly bent over my Mom’s face, I was shaking my Mom while trying to feel the touch lamp beside my bed.  When the lights opened, I saw my Mom her eyes were closed, she admitted that she didn’t open her eyes the whole time.  At the moment when I was scared out of my wits, it whispered its name to me.  Ever since we have been praying for her soul Eloisa.

Since getting married and having a baby, my husband and I decided to move in one of the condominiums in Pasig City.  It was 2012.  Our yaya went up our room on the 29th and told us there were SOCO people in our building.  SOCO is like the CSI in the Philippines.  A story circulated about an altercation in one of the rooms on the 7th floor.  We speculated that there might be some domestic issues as the store clerk at the ground floor said the person who died was a girl.  We slept that night and I said a little prayer to the poor victim.  That night I dreamt that I was in our condo room.  Everything looked dull except for the main door.  I heard hurried knocking and the closer I got to the door the more nervous I became.  In my dream, I took a peek through the peep hole to see who was at the other side.  It was a tall guy maybe around 5’9 or 5’10 in height, he’s moreno, but a bit darker than me.  He was wearing a polo shirt.  It even has an embroidered logo on its shirt pocket which looked like a uniform.  The shirt was green with blue hems.  His hair was a bit long, more like the side swept hair that parts in the middle (Bobby Andrews circa TGIS).  He looked anxious and kept knocking.  Since I didn’t know him, I stepped away from door and woke up.  I told my husband this story, my yaya and some of my other friends.  My husband was curious since coming home from night shift, there were mud tracks and black drops that leads from the elevator to our door step. He said that when the elevator opened at the 7th,the hallways had the same dirt marks left on the floor by the crime scene investigators.  A week went by and I forgot about the incident, I received a call from my mother in law.  She asked me “is your building name this? Well I read an article in the news paper about a suicide that happened a week ago.”  She read the article while on the phone and I googled the person’s name and stumbled upon a facebook account.  It felt like ice was poured on top of my head as chills sped down to my feet, it was the same person in my dreams.  He took his own life, it was a suicide, he shot his heart at 5 in the afternoon.  He was survived by his wife and children.  I never really knew why he committed to end his life.  It felt to me that he maybe asking for prayers since he couldn’t get out of our building that night.

I’ve encountered weird and unexplained things almost on a daily basis.  It sometimes makes it typical, but I enjoy quiet times without them. I don’t talk to them nor they make sanib (possess) my body for their needs.  I think the answer to everything is faith, praying for the departed and the living has always been a good practice.  I will be spending this Hallow’s eve running for the St. Peter’s Midnight Run with friends. I’m sure it will be fun!

Now what’s spooky to you?

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