To Best Serve the Palate

I saw a post my friend Lisette uploaded in her facebook account. Watch out for …. I was intrigued. Is this the restaurant business she has mentioned to me back in 2011? I clicked on the Like button and exchanged a few messages. I was excited to find out that she is back in Manila to launch her newest online project To Best Serve the Palate.


Lisette and I have been good friends ever since our teenage years. She’s this tall, pretty chinita girl who exudes a confident aura, smart, funny and a great spirit to be with. We both went to the same high school and have been lunch buddies our whole senior year. We also went to the same university, University of Santo Tomas. I took up Microbiology while the genius in her took up Biochemistry. We landed different jobs after school, she became one of the best employees of Pfizer (Pharmaceutical company).

Lisette Fabic -Founder TBSP
Lisette Fabic – Founder TBSP

She went on to study at the International Culinary Center (French Culinary Institute) of New York and bagged honors during her graduation. She later trained at the best restaurants in New York City – Aldea, Aquavit, db Bistro Moderne and Daniel. So proud of you girl!!!

Lisette with Honors
Lisette’s Graduation at The International Culinary Center

Last October 19, 2013, Lisette has launched her new venture into food passion, To Best Serve the Palate (TBSP). It is an online culinary source for discerning Chefs and home cooks offering the best quality cookware, tools, gadgets and accessories at best prices. Her website offers a variety of kitchen products from some of the highest quality brands around the globe: Le Creuset®, All-Clad®, KitchenAid®, Zeroll®, Calphalon®, Cuisinart®, Imperia®, Ohaus® and more.

When the website was finally up, I eagerly browsed through each page with excitement. What caught my attention was the Wine Essentials , Tools and Gadgets and the Cookware. The products she carries are products I haven’t seen anywhere in the Philippines.

These wine stoppers are so cute! My daughter wants one!

Kikay Wine Must!
Kikay Wine Must!

Look at how accurate you can measure your dishes with this Micro Scale. Laboratory grade accuracy.

Micro Scale
Micro Scale

Your table will never be boring with these conversation pieces.

Table Top
Table Top

Other than supplying your kitchen Lisette is cooking up exciting culinary classes soon. One of the things I liked about her website is how it helps novice readers like me get Culinary Introduction 101. They have an amazing FAQ site that answers your typical questions such as the difference between cookware, how to order and delivery related answers. I hear that Lisette is still stocking up on new items to be added in her store. If you have any special request you can send her a message in the Contact page.

Currently the online shop delivers in the Philippines. Delivery is free for orders of Php2,500 and above. They can also deliver outside of Metro Manila through partner courier LBC.

This place is not only great for personal acquisitions but also as gifts to your friends. They can personalize each purchase if it is to be given as a gift and can be delivered to the desired destination, perfect this Christmas Season.

If you wish to know more and navigate the website you can visit it at :

To Best Serve the Palate Website

You can also reach them at:

Customer service support:

Manila (63) 0917-860-8103

New York (714) 272-8425

Customer service hours:

Mondays through Saturdays; 9 AM to 6PM

Congratulations Lisette!!

Happy Shopping!!!


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