End of the World Dream

My family and friends know that the dreams I have are clear enough that I can even recall small details.  Like clothes, geographical description, textures and people.  I have this animated way of telling them that my favorite word is “tapos, tapos..” (and then, and then).

Its so apt for me to dream something scary on Halloween night.  I wondered if I got tired running from the midnight fun run (no naman), or did I eat too much oil with the burger at 2 in the morning (maybe).  Still, having this very vivid, scary and interesting dream in an apocalyptic scale woke me up thinking.


image lifted from: http://www.bubblews.com/news/83549-end-of-the-world-21122012

The dream was set here in Pasig, we were with a handful of friends.  My husband OJ, my daughter Shumi, Alain, Shalaine and I rode the car in a hurry.  We packed the belongings we could fit in our SUV and decided to go up north to the hills of Pangasinan. There was a “big event” that stopped the world from moving.  There were certain parts in the world where a poisonous gas was emitted that makes people into zombies.  The fear was this gas stays in low lying areas like cities in the Philippines.  We found a small hilly area where we found enough supplies, a shelter and a community that can take us in.  We were OK, until a group of invading people who wanted to lead the group reached us.  There were earthquakes, no power and the threat of zombies  that OJ decided for us to move up to Baguio (the highest urban city in the Philippines).  We asked Alain and Shalaine to go with us, but they decided to stay with the community.  It was just our family that made the trip.  Baguio was a ghost town.  People were hiding and our car was a lonely traveler along its zig-zagging road.  We found a place near the public market where there were a few people who lead us to take refuge in an old building that served as their hiding place.  I woke up at the part where I was hearing zombie sounds.  With my heart racing I realized that the phone was ringing.

My dreams are like major brain exercises. It makes me think about them the whole day.  Specially those that are themed for the movies.

So what was your most interesting dream?

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