Sophia’s Educational Milestones

This year we enrolled Sophia (Shumi) in her first year of education at The SchoolRoom Inc. just across where we live at. I searched and applied to different schools mid this year. Visited different institutions, meticulously asked questions of interest from the different educators and decided on which best school I will enroll Sophia at.

There were 4 schools I checked out. Three of which are progressive preschools while one is an all girls traditional school. I was really disappointed with the all girls school. When we examined there the guidance/examining teacher spoke quite stern to us in front of all the other parents waiting for their kids. The person was very loud and told us, ‘your daughter doesn’t know anything’. As a parent I did not appreciate that kind of approach specially to children who has no previous formal education. It was her first year, she was 3 years old for heaven’s sake. Prior to even applying at this school, I even asked them why they placed my daughter in a Pre-K class even if she has no previous education experience. The school rep assured me that they will test and will give proper recommendations. I don’t think her recommendation (the guidance person) was proper at all.

The other three preschools were very impressive. One even has a foreign language class (Chinese). All of them have good passing grades for the big schools. The SchoolRoom Inc. stood out since they had the lowest tuition, its the closest to our house and has an impressive reading program.

Last month, we just had a class card report meeting and I was happy that after three months, my daughter knows how to write her name, she can identify letters, count to 30 and her latest milestone reading in front of a crowd.

She’s not really reading but she memorized her lines but pretended to read nonetheless. She struggled at the end, but what made me so proud was she finished the whole poem.


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