Run Run Team Perez!

Running is the cheapest way to get healthy.  You’ll just need the right attitude and commitment to succeed.  I have been running for over a year.  My husband and I have been joining fun runs which started at the Adidas King of the Road 2012.  We dared run our first 5k.  When I look back at the pictures I had during that run, I looked like I was suffering from a 42k run fatigue.

ImageNakakaawang mukha na yan oh! (what a sad face)

That pain I got from that grueling 5k of mostly flat streets sparked a flame within me.  My husband is a diagnosed hypertensive.  He was a bit overweight prior to running. That solidified our decision to include running in our daily activities.

ImageAnd this is him now after running for a year.

ImagePogi hubby with Sharky and Ronnie

Ayan! Proves that running is a good way to trim down. He’s at his ideal weight already. I think what made a difference was the intense diet that we both had at the first 3 or 4 months into running.  We both refrained or limited our intake of fried commercial fast food to a minimum.  We ate steamed food  mainly steamed fish.  Sad to say, we have not been strict with our diets lately. Still, we haven’t gained any significant poundage out of it.  Just as long as you run! No need to spend on expensive diets, suffer from depriving oneself from eating your favorite food.  It is OK to indulge once in a while.  Everything should be done in moderation, too much of anything is bad.  We heard recently and we have been hearing incidents of deaths among healthy individuals.  They succumb to heart attacks during marathons and over the weekend we were saddened by the tragic news of a healthy Singapore Nike 10k participant.

It is important that before you engage into a sport, make sure you know your limitations.  You know the techniques. Read and listen to experiences.  We always make sure that we are properly hydrated when we run, if we feel a bit tired, we slow down.  Just enjoy the run! The important thing here is to win with health.  Medals or cash prizes are great to have, but personal achievements are priceless.

Oh, before I forget, during runs, it is IMPORTANT, and I mean IMPORTANT to SMILE.  You’ll never know someone might be clicking your moment. Hahaha! Case and point.


Ready for my shot Mr. Photographer! (Na-Master ko na ang anggulo ko)


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