Running with Friends (Cancer and Midnight Run)

One of my best friends Nina and I suffer from what you call the “post pregnancy fat retention syndrome” (i made that up).  We can’t seem to shed out that extra love handle after giving birth.  Nina and I were considered really fit back in the day when we were sharing an apartment together in College.  We eat extra rice, drink with friends, and never got an inch bigger or a pound heavier.  Thank you partying and high speed metabolic hormones for that.  Now, gaining weight seems to be a constant fear.

When she called me and told me that Zodio was sponsoring a fun run! I was over the moon excited!  I was going to run with a girlfriend! We were joined by OJ and Lisa.

ImageStarting Line Cancer Run (Me, Nina and Lisa)

ImageZodio! I hope you sponsor more runs! (Mr. Foo is my neighbor)

Our guy bestfriend Rhett has been struggling with weight issues too and Nina and I have been convincing him to run with us for the longest time.  We decided to to register him in the race and pay for his spot so he has no way out of it anymore.  He has been into cross fit training but we wanted him to feel how cardio exercise will be a good addition to his routine.  There was this upcoming run for Halloween and for the kicks of it, that was the run we decided to join in.

It was the St. Peter’s Halloween Midnight Run which was held at the Metrowalk in Pasig City.  It was a halloween costume run so you have to come in your best Halloween attire.  Well as a runner, its pretty difficult to walk in with full on costume and make-up specially since we found out the route includes the Julia Vargas (inclined) road.  We took the 5k category since this was Rhett and Nina’s first time to run that distance. Gelza by faith was a surprise addition to our little running group.  She messaged me at 6pm and was convinced to join immediately.  Hence, the running attire (no costume) but great legs haha!

ImageUs (Nina, Rhett, Gelza and Me)

It was generally a well attended event, knowing that a long weekend means vacation to many.  We were happy to see hoards to really game runners dressed up for the occasion.

ImageBring on the Fun!

ImageZelda ba to? Basta cute sila!

ImageMga Mangkukulam! May streamer pa!

ImageI don’t know what he was, but I’m pretty sure it was so hard to breath in that green suit.

ImageShrek and Fiona (I can feel Shrek’s strength)

ImageThe lost sisters of Ariel, they were really cute! You should see their outfits and was matched by running shoes!

The program was really long,  it was understandable since there were costumes to be judged.

ImageHow can you run in a pink casket??? May 5k na prize kasi!

ImageThose death eaters were trippy. I swear, they were just still and were looking at people.

Since the program was quite long, Dood’s (Rhett) warm up had to be repeated.


There were 4 distances the 10k, 7k, 5k and the 3k.  These were pit stops that featured amusements for the runners.  There were hunks along the routes and DIVAS (you have to either put a kiss mark or a kiss stamp mark.  I opted for the kiss stamp mark, I don’t know where those lippies has been to.

There was a casket with matching songs na pang deads and a cemetery which featured zombies. No, they were not chasing us, but was there as props.

ImageAww.. Prince Charming didn’t show up to lift Snow White’s curse.

We weren’t able to take much pictures but there was also a haunted house and you have to get a rubber ring inside the casket.

ImageHad to take this pic with the Valle Verde IV Halloween Decor. Ang Cute mo Gelza!

Here are some points of areas wherein the organizers needs to improve on:

1. We expected to run the precise distance which we paid for. Distance was not accurate.  The 5k only clocked in 4.6km.

2. The program was extremely long and the hosting was a bit uncoordinated.

3. OMG the warm up was weird. It was supposed to be the one and only warm up for all. Instead they only directed the warm up for the 10k runners.

4. We didn’t get it why we were given rubber markers.  It was pointless.

5. The finish line was unremarkable.  They showed us to line up at the pocari booth but we had to find our way to get the loot and the finisher’s shirt. (which was at a totally far area from the pocari booth)

Still, I want to congratulate the organizers for a fun night! The loot bag was packed with goodies! Next year I bet will be better!

Sad to hear that another run that was held at the same time in Makati fell flat with the expectations.  I hope the runners in that event get their refund.

Over all it was a good run to start for Rhett.  I think he had fun.  I sure did! I am so proud that Nina, Gelza and Rhett were able to accomplish their first 5k.  Its also fun to run without pressure.  Fun to run inspiring your friends to push harder.

Until next time!

ImagePicture picture sa lobby!


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