Scan time!

Today was really rough.

I have been suffering from dry coughs since last week. Last night was especially difficult for me to sleep.  My mind has been racing at the thoughts of the biggest typhoon to hit the Philippines, the full dinner we ate of Japanese rice and tempura and the pending CT Scan the following day.  I drank some benadryl antihistamine to help me through the night.

Woke up at 6 in the morning. Still with the difficult cough. I immediately opened the TV to check on the typhoon as it ravaged the country side.  My mind was settling on the thought of fasting by lunch time for my CT Scan this afternoon.  I just can’t imagine how in the world did I get to have tummy trouble that almost got me dehydrated. Waah! I think I drank 3 liters of water before it was 12 noon.

I didn’t want to think about the ct scan so I drowned myself watching Japanese Pranks and reruns of Junior Masterchef 2013.  It wasn’t raining, so I decided to take a cab to the hospital which was 2 blocks down from our place.  Shumi and I headed to the Radiology Section of The Medical City which was at the first floor of the building.  We gave our papers at the reception area and was lead to the CT Scan Suite.

My schedule was at 5pm but we were there by 4pm.  We were advised to be early as I needed to be prepped for the procedure.  The resident interviewed me of my medical history took my vitals and inserted a heplock (for the IV contrast).  Shumi was really brave she was very curious and didn’t flinch when the needle was inserted.

Heplock diagram from

Waited a bit and was under the machine by 5:30pm.  It was a good experience.  I think The Medical City Radiology Department delivers good patient care.  The procedure was explained fully and it was simple enough to be understood easily.  I was to have 4 sets of 2 scans each.  Two initial plain scans, one IV contrast circulation and one post contrast scan.  A CT Scan or Computed Tomography scan is a multiple x-ray cross section image of the body’s organ.  The goal of my post operative scan is to look for suspicious growth since the cancer type I have is known to have a high recurrence rate.  I am now crossing my fingers that when I get the results it will be something I can sleep well at night.


Now what I want to highlight is how it felt during the procedure.  Since I was lying down, I only had to put up my hands over my head during the actual scan click.  Like a typical x-ray you will have a voice over that will direct you to take a deep breath and hold it in. Since my request has contrast, there was a small machine that pumps the dye in my vein for 1 whole minute.  I was asked not to swallow during the actual injection of the dye.  The tech warned me that if I swallow at the time of the dye circulation I might throw up since the taste will be overwhelming.  I tried to control myself not to swallow.  Thank you EQ for not letting me down.  Even though, I did not swallow, I sort of felt and tasted something bitter at the back of my tongue. It also felt like warm liquid was going through your veins.  The instant that the pump stopped the feeling and taste went out instantly. Amazing!

Its going to be 24 hours until I get the results.  I will try not to think about it, I will try to be positive and my prayers will flood the gates of heaven tonight.

Props to the TMC Radiology Team, your blankets are comfortable, the techs are helpful and nice.

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