The Voice 5 Favorites

Husband and I have been following The Voice 5 religiously.  The artist on Christina and Adam’s are amazing  Here’s my top 5 favorites:

The VOice 5 from:
The Voice 5 from:

(Disclaimer: I don’t own the videos, just copied them on Youtube)

James Wolpert – Team Adam

He’s such a sweet looking guy! He dropped out of college and resigned from the apple store to work on his singing passion.  I particularly like his Blinds as my favorite performance so far.

Matthew Schuler – Team Christina

He’s so adorable.  He made me like the Miley song! He is the only Black dude that looks like he has asian eyes. Great solid voice!

Jacquie Lee – Team Christina

A 16 year old!? A 16 year old? WOW power house! She looks like Selena Gomez but her voice is Massive!

Tessane Chin – Team Adam

A Chinese Jamaican, she’s such a cool chick! Her accent makes me want to chill and think of the beach and bottomless margaritas!

My favorite of them ALL Caroline Pennell – Team Ceelo

She’s like a genuine doll! When she sings, it feels like fields of gold, summer afternoon, lemonade and a happy country home.

Who’s your favorites?


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