Bangon mga Waray

A lone Philippine Flag raised at the destruction of Tacloban after Haiyan. from:
A lone Philippine Flag raised at the destruction of Tacloban after Haiyan. from:

It was November 7, 2013 a category 5, super typhoon with maximum sustained wind speeds of 235 km/hr (145 m/hr) and gusts of at most 315 km/hr (195 m/hr).  How can someone imagine that kind of wind force bashing the cities that felt the brunt of the storm.

The storm literally swept population centers and isolated areas from possible help.  Even with extreme winds, the culprit of majority of reported deaths are due to the storm surge which was expected but relatively misunderstood.  The Philippines is used to typhoons.  We get an average of 20 storms per year, some are strong some are weak but Haiyan was an exception to the rule.  I don’t think we can say its just strong.  Haiyan was massive and destructive.  Survivors depict the storm as something out of a movie like 2012 or The Day after Tomorrow.  The storm surge were reported as high as reaching the 3rd floor of a building.

The video shows you how the water forced up by the strong winds destroyed wooden houses and sweeping them inland.

Outpouring of support, donations, aid and manpower has been coming in from every able nation that are willing to help.  We are eternally grateful of this motion of humanity.

Even faced with hardship, I think it is an inert characteristic of any human being to be hopeful and resilient.  The sad part about this relief operation is the news of poor government logistics and politicking which hampers the continuous efforts of willing volunteers.  My heartaches at the division of government, heard about swapping of relief goods, labeling of distribution bags in favor of certain political personalities, favoring other districts and the list can go on and.

Let’s all pray for all Filipinos to be fair in time of this crisis. Walang may angat sa iba. Lahat tayo pantay pantay lang. Lahat tayo biktima.

I love seeing inspiring pictures.  It says it all. Mabuhay mga Waray! Mabuhay mga Pilipino! Salamat sa lahat ng tumulong! Makakaasa kayo sa tulong ng mga Pilipino.


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