Bullying, Moms and Beyond


from: http://www.social.cummins.com

Here we go again.

Earlier Shumi and I went to Robinson’s Galleria BDO to pay some bills.  Lined up at the transaction lane and patiently waited for our turn.  Shumi was very behave, she’s the type of person that when she’s in public she likes to meet other kids.  Usually they will start with a small hello and will play run and that’s where the fun begin.  This time it was totally different.  I personally witnessed my daughter get bullied.

A Mom and her kid (same aged as Shumi) went in the bank, Shumi was curious and was looking at the kid.  I thought they were going to play but when the kid got closer to Shumi she stuck out her tongue and made awkward sounds as if to engage Shumi in an argument.  I just observed, my daughter just ignored the taunts and crossed her arms.  I think that’s what ticked the girl out and she started mildly to brush her hand which is holding a 20 peso bill against Shumi.  I pulled Shumi to my other side and the girl was called by her Mom.  When I was next in line, Shumi was playing with the post separating lines apart, this girl approached us again and this time became very territorial with the post that Shumi was playing at.  She hit Shumi’s hand to let go of the post, I quickly said “No, don’t do that” to the kid while I pouted and saw the Mom looking at us.  I did not touch the kid but took Shumi to my side.  The Mom was called first while we were still waiting for our turn.  This little girl took that opportunity to bully my daughter by approaching us and hitting her hard this time.  The people in line all collectively gasped, one even said “And sama ng ugali ng bata na yun ah” .  Shumi did deflect the hits but she did not strike on her own.  I immediately got hold of Shumi and called the attention of the Mom and told her that her kid was hitting my kid.  She looked at me agitated, called her kid to her side and did not even said any apology nor asked her daughter to say sorry to my daughter.  There was a kind lady in line who told me that Shumi can play with her daughter (pinaparinggan yung Nanay nung batang bully), I said my thank you but since its our turn I begged off the offer.  Shumi sat on top of the teller ledge and even there, I can see that the bully kid was sticking her tongue out at her.

I wonder why there are kids like this?  I strongly believe that BULLYING is a result of BAD PARENTING.  My Mom always told us when we were growing up to be humble and instill humility in our hearts.  I never taught Shumi to fight kids, but to only defend herself in time of crisis.  When we left the bank, I told Shumi not to be like that kid, she understood and told me that she is a good girl and she will not pick fights.

I wasn’t really looking for a grand apology, I was looking for manners. I was looking at how other parents will handle situations like these, but I am greatly disappointed that even if that Mom was pulling out a bag full of cash, money can’t buy her a good character.


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