Starting a Child’s Education

My daughter will be turning 4 this year. As a first time parent choosing the school where to send your child is like choosing the right suitor for a lifetime partner. I went zen, closed my eyes and imagined what would be my dream school for little Shumi.

I want my child to have clean area to play, learn and rest at.

A quiet place to read

A safe area to take a break

via Maryknoll School
via Maryknoll School

I had to visit different schools, interview the educators, examine the classrooms and educational materials.  It is also hard for us to look at affordable schools in the area we live.  Living in the city means having to go along the high cost of living that goes with it. Trees are scarce, most of the learning centers are limited to a small air-conditioned space.

I was only able to visit 3 schools and 1 learning enrichment center around our area in Ortigas Center.  We decided to just limit our choices within a walking distance to our home.  Accessibility and comfort that counters the risk of traveling through the Metro Manila traffic was a big factor. The curse of working parents.

School #1 The Hills Learning Zone

What’s cool about this school is they have different programs like yoga and wall climbing for kids. Their location is situated at the back of my husband’s office at Parc Chateau along Garnet road Ortigas Center.  The place is a bit dark with a roomy running area but looks a bit bare.  The teacher was very nice and pretty.  She was patient enough to explain how they differ from other progrssive pre-Kinder schools.  They offer classes from toddler to intermediate Pre-Kinder.

School # 2 WCC Kids International School

Located at the AIC Gold along Emerald Avenue, I love how this school is clean and roomy with lots of educational tools for kids.  They have green uniforms which they sell at Php600 per pair. What’s different about them is they have a mandarin class for kids.  I think this is important for parents who would like to enroll their children at Chinese schools. The teacher was also pretty and explained patiently how they are a progressive school.  We were able to sit in one of their activities where kids were working on art pieces. My daughter loved it there.  The only downside is that the tuition fee is quite steep.

School # 3 The School Room

Also located at the AIC Gold but is at the Sapphire side.  They have plenty and when I say plenty they have a lot of toys.  Some of it were a bit dirty, I did point it out and was explained that the toys were just displays and they were due for cleaning by the end of the week.  This school had more children than the other previous schools which I visited.   They have a toddler, pre-K and Kinder program.  They don’t have a website so I was just researching feedback on this school from forums.  Good thing a HS friend of mine used to work there and vouched for their good school standing.

The school that I am looking for is a school that can provide a good stable foundation on learning, a good pool for social interaction and a supportive parent teacher relationship.



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