The Mammogram Experience

I posted a status on facebook saying “I think we can breath now OJ Perez” and a friend of mine Bunny asked if we have a yaya na.  I replied that it was something else we are thankful for.  This is it.

I had a previous post about getting my first ever post op CT Scan.  We were hoping that it will be clear.  Something that cancer patients dread is to be told of other “significant findings” in their follow-up diagnostics. When we got the results it was a 50/50 mixed emotions for both my husband and me.  The abdomen results were good, great as was hoped for, but the chest scan was another story.  Low-grade Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma usually mestatsize in the near regions of where the uterus or reproductive organ used to be, colon and sometimes the lungs.  That is why SMOKING IS BAD FOR ME! The Chest CT results said that I had an anomaly – a dark shadow in my right breast. It was measured really small like 1.6cm.  Reading the results inside the car–alone made me cry.  I might have looked weird when I paid the parking with red eyes. 

My OB-Onco Dr. Jay Famador of Makati Med read the results and told me that its nothing to be worried about.  That CT Scans are highly precise diagnostic tools and sometimes they report findings that when confirmed by other diagnostic tests proved to be not so much of a problem.  The pessimistic me was thinking about the same thing Dr. Marinette told me when she said “your myoma looks 99.9% benign, don’t worry”.  So for a peace of mind, Dr. Jay gave me a referral for a mammogram and breast ultrasound.  I just opted to undetake the mammogram and headed to the Breast Clinic at The Medical City. 

The Clinic is located at the second floor, turn right from the escalator in the main lobby.  Its a relatively quiet clinic, with women waiting inside for their turn at the mammo or the UTZ (ultrasound).

The first step was taking the medical history and a physical breast examination.  The nurse was very nice, and thorough with her questions.  Shumi was with me while the whole thing was taking place, asking questions like ‘is my Mommy sick’, ‘why are you touching my mommy’s thing’; making cartwheels; running around the small space and her antics made the nurse laugh.  After the questions she asked me to change in a robe for the mammo preparation.

I was then called for my turn, it didn’t really take a long time to wait.  It was good that I came late in the afternoon, there was only a few patients in the clinic. 

This is what a mammogram machine looks like. It rotates side to side.ImageThis is the chair in front of the mammogram machine for patients to sit on. ImageLadies, if you ever in your life would need to undergo a mammogram, I suggest you stretch out your back, chest, neck and arms muscles.  You need to be on specific postures for the machine to grab most of your breast.  This is how it works, the nurse will ask you to stand against the machine,if you are really sensitive about people touching your lady bits then just be aware that there will be some slight nudges here and there. Then when your breast are positioned they will take like a 5 second x-ray shot ant that’s it. Simple fast and X-ray exposure to the max! I don’t really mind, they got me to sign a waiver that I’m too young to undergo a mammo exam since its routine for 40 and above.

ImageThis is the control center, look at that hi-tech looking glass. Reminds me of the corning commercial of the future. That glass is where she stands up whenever she hits the scan button.

ImageThis is me and my nurse- mammo tech, thanks! you were so helpful and assuring! Great work!

ImageIt was a pretty fast examination, it wasn’t painful and again I have to say TMC is becoming my favorite hospital.

Now off to my result, the reason we are thankful for is the negative findings for anything malignant.  The anomaly they saw was of benign features.  Breast UTZ (ultrasound in 3 months) nalang!

Thank you God, this is a good way to end 2013. Yes we can breath OJ 🙂


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