First! SchoolRoom’s Christmas Presentation

Having a Preschooler is such a surprise! You will be amaze at how your child would change.  It is really amusing on how Shumi has improved and these are the things I am proud of:

1. Interact socially with other people, especially with kids.  Before she acted so suplada (aloof) and would be kidded as a taong bundok (mountain girl) for her lack of social skills.  Now she’s a social butterfly.  There are still times that she folds up when she’s not in the mood, but were working on it.

2. Can write her name. I am one of those parents that refuse to be pressured by other parents into forcing their children to be “advanced” in writing, reading or math.  I know kids will learn these eventually. I want her to enjoy school, I think if a child is happy with her education, she will definitely learn more.

3. Can memorize and speak in front of a crowd.  In one of my previous entries about certain milestones, standing in front of the crown is such a feat for a 4 year old. She enjoys performing and even says she wants to act and be on TV. (pag-uusapan natin yan ah!)

Now before the Christmas holidays SchoolRoom Inc.came up with their special presentation.  All their students were part of dance numbers. It was held at Phil Stock Exchange Auditorium in Ortigas.

The program started with an opening prayer that was said in different languages. One in Indian (Gujarati, I think), Mandarin, Kinaray-a (Antique dialect), English and Spanish.


There were different presentations. First one was a whole school presentation about welcoming Santa. It was followed by my daughter’s Pre-K Class dance number.

It was fun to watch. She was making giling. She was confident, even if the props hit her eye she continued dancing. I loved her twist and she was smiling.  She was definitely enjoying what was happening.

The Pre-K Afternoon Class.


The Kinder Kids


One of my favorite parts were also the Toddler class. They were so cute in jammie outfits and stuff toys. Mouse (name of one Toddler students) was so adorable!


Rocker Babies!

ImageOne Mom described to me that the experienced when watched for the first time can make a parent tear up with joy.  I didn’t really cry, I was just so happy to see my daughter enjoy each and every moment of her performance.

Here are the aftershow pics she had with her classmates

With Zyrx and Mommy Ria

Shumi, Ria and Zyrx

Shumi doing a Power Ranger Pose with her Zryx,  Lucas and Jumbo

Power Rangers

Little Elves with Zyrx

Little Elves

Shumi and Leira (Feel na feel sa kanyang mahiwagang stick)

Shumi and Leira

Comment lang,

Nagulat lang ako, kasi meron palang official photographer.  I now realized what my parents would go through each school activity.  Giving in to documenters of the event. Good thing. they said it was OK for me to deposit half of the amount.

It was a great great day! Happy Holidays Kids!


2 thoughts on “First! SchoolRoom’s Christmas Presentation

  1. Hi MrsHuneyfaye! I’m looking for more info about this school. Meron bang website or facebook page ang the schoolroom? We’re living in Ortigas area lang gusto ko sana enrol un daughter ko dito. 😀 thanks in advance for your reply. God bless

    1. Hi! Unfortunately I don’t know if they have a website, but its best if you visit the schools you want to enroll your child at. That’s what I did, I visited and interviewed the schools within the Ortigas Center perimeter. I weighed all the pros and cons of the different schools and SchoolRoom Inc. was the school winner for us. Their location is at AIC Gold beside Chef and Brewer. Good Luck!

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