Are you ready 2014??

2013 has been such a year!  Some may say its a rough year (hear! hear!) but to some it is a year full of blessings.

What do I want to do in order for me to be fulfilled by next year.  Some say this is your New Year’s resolution, but c’mon no one really follows a list that gets forgotten after the 2nd week of January.

I’ve listed down the things I want to change in my life, not just for 2014 but for the good.

1. Money – SAVE and be Debt Free

My husband and I are officially out of the honeymoon stage.  We are going in our 6th year of marriage and its this time when you think about permanence in life.  Where do you want to settle for good, what school do we send our daughter.  All these entails great detail in planning and saving money.  Since we are both working, we had promised ourselves not to make any major purchases in 2014.  I’m planning to cut all my credit cards in two. This is the year without the plastic. I lived without it before, I am sure I can live without it still.  It is OK to indulge once in a while, maybe insert 2 low cost vacations and that low-cut Jordan Concords for him in June.  Then thrift away!

2. Fashion – Power Dressing

Power dressing does’t end in the work place. I am a full time Mom, with a starting home based career.  When I looked inside my closet, I have been keeping 5 year old clothes which I can’t seem to outgrow.  I’m not really a shopper and I am not really saying that you splurge your fortune in expensive clothing.  Research what is the latest fashions and trends can be a big help.  Its time for me to move on to blouses, skirts, heeled shoes and accessories.  I think I need to dress the part of a Mom rather than be stuck in my HS shirt and jeans style.  Knowing that you are wearing good clothes that’s hip can boost up your confidence.

3. De-Clutter – Keep only what is Important

This not only applies to Spring Cleaning your clothes but also furniture, appliances and what other things you have in your home that you don’t really need.  Living in a small unit is difficult, accumulation of purchases with the lack of proper containers can lead to clutter and a headache. Our condo is oddly L shaped with no option to renovate since we are just renting.  Having a growing preschooler can be work as clutter is part of every day living.  The only option is to keep living to a minimum.  Be simple, stay away from the shopping channel.  It just tempts you of items you don’t really need.

4.  Work – What works for you and your family

I have been to different jobs since I graduated in 2001.  I have worked in the BPO industry, NGO, Research, Corporate Healthcare and Insurance but out of all these jobs; what I enjoyed the most is working with the right people.  It is just too toxic to work with difficult personalities.  You can’t remove that in a working environment, you will always meet challenging individuals. The best way to assess your situation is your happiness level when working.  Do you wake up everyday thinking your work is a chore or your work is an opportunity to change lives. It is not a sign of weakness if you if you quit your job. It is saving you and your employer from future headache. Be with an organization which principles and beliefs you agree with.

5. Learn – Life is a big school

I’ve always wanted to learn a new language and acquire a new skill. In 2014, I am determined to learn something that will be a positive force in my life.  Aside from languages, I would also like to learn how to make videos, I just can’t leave all those home made family videos go to waste.

6. Perception – ALWAYS BE POSITIVE

It is OK to feel bummed at times.  Some people can take negativity like brushing off dirt on their shoulders, but some people like me take it to heart.  I noted that I felt consumed by the idea of being hurt and it took time for me to get over these memories.  We have to remember that memories remains in the past and letting it haunt you is just cheating you on becoming a better individual. So, instead of feeding yourself with sad or negative emotions rise from it, tomorrow will always be a better day.

7. Commit to Health – Runaway with routine not with laziness

I have to be honest, I became a slump when I quit my day job in October.  I was a bit down too, with all the cancer scare and recovery I wasn’t really into the healthy road.  Now I’m decided to get my feet back in the runner’s lane.  It will only take me an hour a day, run for 5km for 30-40 minutes (Vertical runs are also good Ground to 29th!), zumba for another 20 then you’re done (Zumba videos on youtube will do).  Best during early mornings.  Its definitely the best upper, better than coffee,  you won’t even gain a calorie.

and Lastly….

7. Family and Friends – Always make them feel loved every single day.

Make time to call home, text hi to a friend, make a random 30 minute coffee meet-up.  It is all it takes to have a healthy living with you and your loved ones.

Make 2014 happen in the best possible way.  There is no room for negativity or hate. Open your lines of communication.  Be happy! Share and Love more.

Happy New Year from the Perez's!! OJ, Faye and Shumi
Happy New Year from the Perez’s!! OJ, Faye and Shumi




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