33 on a SUNDAY – BAGUIO part 3 – ang pagtatapos

Sa Pinas, it is a priority to celebrate mass (if Catholic) on your birthday.

We headed up to Baguio Cathedral to hear the 11AM mass.

Baguio CathedralThis picture was taken 2 weeks ago in our December Baguio visit. Beautiful huh!

The church was full when we got there, we just stood near the front of the church.  OJ wanted to try Vizco’s since we always buy their strawberry shortcake cake.  It’s the best I’ve tasted in my life, Just eat it within 2 days or else the fresh strawberries will spoil out.  It will taste like nail polish (don’t ask me why I know).

IMG_1721Must try cake in Baguio – Vizco’s Strawberry Shortcake, taken last August for Shumi’s birthday weekend

When we entered the place, it was full and we were directed to Ocha Asian.  Its like Jack’s Loft and Pho, two restaurants but you can order form either one.

Eagerly we ordered the following:

For Starters:


Ocha Asian’s Fresh Veggie Roll – Its good, but the peanut sauce is too watery.  It kind of dilutes the flavor (in short matabang)


Ocha Asian’s Pad-Thai is a good order, not spicy though kasi may kid.


Ocha Asian Chicken Kebab – also worth the order, the chicken is tender. Regular tartar dip I think.

For Main Course:


Vizco’s Chicken for Shumi and Yaya. Its well seasoned. Safe order.


My Salisbury Steak, I kinda felt shortchanged, the burger patty is thin, I still prefer Pancake House’s version coz of the thicker slice of ground beef.  This baby cost roughly us 225


Vizco’s  Salpicao is OK, The meat is tender and flavorful but Dulcinea parin and highest level ng affordable Salpicao for us.  Parang ang koonti lang ng rice.

Desserts: If you’re looking for the famous Strawberry Cake, they were out of stock at the time we ate for lunch.  Instead we ordered the following:


Vizco’s Blueberry Cheescake – I kid you not, it is equally as good as the Strawberry Shortcake!


This was Shumi’s Cake – Red Velvet, lacks the moist we look for, but the cream cheese frosting  is yummy.


Lastly, the  Vizco’s Oreo Cheescake, Its just creamy goodness all over.

Three cakes daw because I’m 33.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.  My family is the best.  Thanks OJ, you never fail to amaze me.  Our life is simple, practical and intimate.  Thank you for being such a great and patient family man.

IMG_2464Can I just say, I’ve been using Olay and wow ah! look at my face and my hand color. Ahmaaahzeeen!

We spent the day going to the Strawberry Farm at La Trinidad


and visiting the Grotto to give thanks


Had dinner too at Chocolat de Baterol.  The hot choco is good, but the food was nothing special.  I think its too expensive for the portion they served.  The dinuguan was full of fat, The tocino was ordinary.  I ordered the Bistek Tagalog meal its yummy naman, pero for 199?


Known for their handmade hot-chocolate, this place rocks with giving you fuzzy tummy warm. Kaya ito nalang order nyo tsaka suman with latik.

We also went on our promised boat ride.  Its 100 per boat, you drive on your own or you hire an rowing guy for 50 pesos.


Snuggling with her Dadeh!


Bakit daw sleepy si Ariel? According to Shumi.

Went home that night, happy on my 33rd, resting for the long journey home which by the way we only took four hours! Record baby!  Thanks to leaving on a Monday, less traffic on a siesta hour plus the addition of the TPLEX, Baguio is an easier destination to visit.


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