My 33rd! Awesome Birthday in Baguio part 1

My husband asked me what I want for my birthday. I told him, let’s not splurge too much, let’s save.  I don’t mind how we celebrate my birthday as long as we are all together.  Watching TV Patrol’s report on the frost plaguing the harvest of Benguet, we were thinking how nice Baguio weather is this time of the year and experience the cold and escape Manila’s hotness (tssssss…). Then it occurred to us why not go up on my birthday. I thought he was joking since it was already mid-week.  He called the hotel and asked for an available room.

Come Friday January 10th, OJ told me, its final we’re heading up to Baguio.  Wow, this was one of the least planned get-away we have done.  We woke up at 3:30 am on the 11th, bags were packed the night before.  We rode the car, it was just OJ, Shumi, the Yaya and me.  It was 4:30 am and we were driving up north.  OJ drove all the way to NLEX, but upon entry to SCTEX, I drove until we reached the end of TPLEX.  By the way TPLEX ain’t free anymore, you pay 58.00 if you exit at Paniqui.

It was such a smooth ride, we were all in good spirits.  We were already zig-zagging by 8:30 am.  We wanted to drop by the Lion’s head for the welcome strawberry taho but decided not to, since it was packed with tourist.  We unloaded our bags at the hotel at around 9:30 am. Five hours Manila to Baguio!

Just a side note, if you are travelling in the early morning and traversing the highways just a word of caution, be ready, your car will be an insect cemetery.


The windshield was worse, we had to use the wiper while still in the Hway, it was that bad.

We stayed in our favorite hotel: Holiday Park Hotel Baguio, which was owned by the Baliwag Transit family. We like this hotel since it is affordable and comfortable.  Our room with two double beds cost around 1,800 per night.  They have free wifi and unlimted coffee too.  We were able to stay in their 3 bedroom suite and 2 bedroom suite in our previous stays.  Ranking #2 in Tripadvisor means that they are worth the try.

Starving, we decided to eat at Good Taste.  This is a 3 level Chinese-Filipino themed restaurant along Lapu-Lapu street.  Walking distance from our hotel.  They have big servings for an affordable price, we can recommend you eating here and order regular short order meals but for breakfast forget it.  They have very small portions specially the corned beef.

ImageThis was our welcome meal in Baguio.  This meal cost us 648.00 only. Not bad right?

After eating, we settled in the hotel for a little while and headed out to Mines View Park and Good Shepherd.

ImageFirst ever Baguio 2014 Pic


Did you know there’s this wishing well at the Good Shepherd?

As promised to our Shumipot, we had her ride her beloved “Billy” the pink boy horse.


With her Ate Jenelyn

The ride is 300 per hour and 200 for half an hour.  If you decide to take the tour route, meaning you will be heading out the park it will cost you an additional 300 for a tour guide assistant.  They will help you manage the horse, just in case you run down to manila on your own (hehehe).


While waiting for Shumi to finish her ride, we had the car washed at a carwash near Mines View park. It cost us 150, but we gave 200.

Now the weather was dropping to 16 degress at around 4:00pm.  We had to get Shumi from her horse back riding escapade. When we got back from the carwash, Shumi was so happy, she asked me to video her riding it. Kinda crepy, when we were in the car, she would say “Mommy Billy said, he wants to live in the condo…”.

Heading back to the hotel, we were deciding where to eat.  We headed off to Pizza Volante.  I wanted to try this place since I’ve heard good reviews but to be honest, I was disappointed.

ImageThe Kenny George Pizza


The Meatball Spaghetti. Reminds me of Pancake House spaghetti.

This is just my opinion, I was really looking forward to eat in this restaurant, the original one in Session Road.  We were a bit disappointed, yes it taste good, but it did not taste anything out of the ordinary.  People do go there, the place was packed, it was hard to get a table. The servers were nice, but some of our orders came in after we have finished with the pizza and pasta, so it was not a well put together meal.

We walked back to our hotel to ease our digestion.  Cold weather makes people gassy (LOL, TMI but true).  We traversed the Burnham Park Grandstand. I was sad, it wasn’t well kept at all. The wind was blowing a bit.  OJ removed his jacket to enjoy the cool breeze…for about 15 seconds. haha! Walked pass by the Burnham Park lake, where boat rides are still a thing, we promised Shumi we’ll take her for one the next day.


Just the 4 of us…


feeling cold hahaha (showing off si Daddy kay Shumi)

To be continued…..

4 thoughts on “My 33rd! Awesome Birthday in Baguio part 1

  1. Happy Family. Ang cute talaga ni Shumi. You raise her well. Keep it up.
    Balak din namin pumuntang baguio next month sana malamig pa rin next month.

  2. Hi Bunny, Yes malamig pa yun usually until Panagbenga Festival its still cold, but I suggest you go there on the first week of Feb to really feel the cool temperature drop. 🙂 Enjoy!

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