OJ said “tara, salubungin natin ang birthday mo sa Guilligan’s.  I made sure, Shumi is asleep before we left.  She was so tired, that she was already snoozing at 9pm.  Yaya is enjoying her free unlimited wifi and was chatting with her ex-bf when we left. Kilig si girlaloo.  Exiting the hotel, we already felt the cold.  As much as I want to feel the cool temperature, I wore 3 layers of clothing, I was sick of flu when we left Manila (but that won’t stop me from having fun).  We headed up to Legarda road on foot, passed by the Korean hang out along Lapu Lapu seeing a lot of Koreans enjoying their grilled meats.

When we were at Guilligan’s I told OJ, let’s try something new.  Our friend Alain and Sha spent some time in Baguio last December and they recommended Sushime Restobar at Nevada Square.  Nevada Square was the old Nevada Hotel that collapsed during the 1990 earthquake. They built a cluster of townhouse looking structures around the area leaving the center hallow.  Its the place where Velvet, Cartoon and Friday’s are located.  There is an entrance fee of 50.00 per head which is the income of the guards and maintenance.

We were quite unsure first, the guy who approached us was from the mexican restaurant, OJ asked how much a bucket was, he said 300+, then we looked to our right and Sushime was there.  What the heck I love Japanese! We settled in a table inside the restobar,  Its a small cozy space where you can fit around 25-30 people inside.  They have an open mic karaoke.  How I wish I could sing, my throat was a mess.

ImageOJ’s Sashimi


Yellow Zigzag Goodie


Chicken Karage – Spin off, para syang buffalo wings


Dynamite Roll – Spicy!!


No alcohol for me, green tea all the way, all night long!


Come midnight, I was pleasantly surprised that Chef JV, the owner came out with a special surprise! Look I have my own roll!

ImageThe Roll is a fusion of tempura, calamari etc… deep fried to light perfection! Naubos ko lahat yan!

As an additional gift, OJ sang for me 🙂 HUNAXXX!!!


Thanks to the two lovely Chefs for making my birthday memorable at Sushime =)IMG_1417

It was a great Salubong for my birthday! What’s even amazing is the weather was dipping at 12 degrees at around the time struck 12. There were also mumu stories from the owner that an old man in a waiter suite and a little boy was living in their space.  He guessed that they were victims of the collapse. We went home happy, chilling in our clothes, but smiling at the idea that yes, we went up to Baguio to experience this weather.  Success as the weather dipped to 9.6 at 5am.  We didn’t feel it, but we left the hotel window open and woke up all snuggled with a little baby girl under the sheets.

To be continued…


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