Our guilty Youtube past time

Shumi and I bond on a lot of different activities.  She loves to assist me when cleaning, folding the bed sheets, organizing (well sort of) and most specially cooking.  Started when she would take a stool or a chair stand on it and watch me cook in our two burner gas stove.  Last year, I let her help me cook pasta, dumping ingredients on the soup but still holding off giving her cutting assignments.

I think Youtube is a great avenue to introduce and inspire children to what they would potentially like in the future.  Shumi was introduced to America’s Junior Master Chef where she picked up the phrase “Whip it like a man!!!” (from Sarah).  The series showcase kiddie home cooks across the USA. Shumi watched the series over and over and I had to look for something new to inspire her creativity.

Episode 1 for the US version hosted by Gordon Ramsey, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot

I cam across this Youtube channel called Cooking with Dog.  Its a cooking channel which starts with a catchy tune with the featured item of the day and a dog narrator with a distinguishable Japanese sometimes segways Italian accent named Francis.  We are then introduced to mysterious Chef that cooks the dishes.

I like this channel a lot.  It is a simple, organic cooking show that teaches its viewers why it is easy and fun to cook.  The Chef teaches techniques on what’s the best approach on how to cook which is very practical to home cooks.  No big overwhelming equipment or too much chitchattery is also a plus.  Best of all, it centers on Japanese cuisine – Japanese fusion and sometimes even shows continental dishes.  They have featured over 168 dishes on their youtube page, It is our must watch before going to bed.

Here are some of my favorite dishes featured:

Hamburger Cheese Steak! YUM!!!


Strawberry Shortcake!!

I am determined to try her dishes, just that some of the ingredients are not sold in the regular grocery.  Must head out to Fujimart in Timog to buy my stocks!

Happy Watching!

2 thoughts on “Our guilty Youtube past time

  1. I discovered this YouTube channel accidentally and I immediately got hooked. I love how easy their recipes appear. Sometimes I’d take a screenshot of the ingredients pa so I could replicate them at home. But how I wish I live in Japan because the produce they have are always fresh-looking and readily available there. 🙂

  2. I know! I also discovered it by accident and has been hooked. I love Japanese food and this show, shows how simple you can cook up those expensive meals served in LittleTokyo. hahaha

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