The K-Drama (Korean) Obsession

Back in 2005, when uso pa ang Deebeedee sa Quiapo, my hubby, then boyfie bought me a K-Drama series titled “Wonderful Life”.  It’s about a story of two people meeting each other in Singapore, spending the night drunk and getting the girl accidentally pregnant.  My Mom and I got hooked, we were laughing and crying in all of the 16 episodes, it gave a spell on how two different personalities can develop love in the most challenging times.

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Present time, in the Philippines K-Dramas shows are dubbed in tagalog and are terribly edited to prolong the air time.  Too much commercial.  Unable to watch, networks usually show these chopped up series  either in the mid afternoon or late after prime time. Until recently, I was off work, my friend posted a link on her FB account about a K-Drama hub where you can watch your Asian series, movies and media via streaming.

Welcome to!  The place where I spend most mornings.

These are my series favorites?

1. The Master’s Sun

masters sun

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A quirky supernatural themed show about a girl who can see ghosts.  Somewhat kind of an Asian Ghost Whisperer but with a strong comedic approach.  It has its moment where you get dragged with the cluelessness of the main characters but the twists were good.  In the end, you’ll be clapping your hands with glee.  Love the OST too.

2. I Can Hear your Voice

i can hear your voice

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A courtroom drama with a twist of revenge and super hearing gifts.  I like how intellectual the show was, giving insight to the technicalities of justice and what the implications are for the affected ones of the court.  What bothered me was the young protagonist really looked .. well enhanced and his features were very feminine so it kind of distracted me while watching the show.  It also gives hope to those “Noona’s” looking for some boys… may pag-asa pa!

3. Queen In Hyun’s Man


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This is my favorite so far.  A time traveler themed series of epic romance.  It tells a story about how love crosses time and you can’t fight destiny.  I love the acting of the female protagonist played by Yoo In-na.  She plays this love struck actress who easily swoons for this mysterious Joseon clothes wearing man that asks her where they were.  Its funny how circumstances are but you know the girl is patay na patay sa guy. I suggest you watch this if you like fairy tale endings. Update: I would like to point it out that according to my friend Hiyasmin (verified by Wiki) that the two main characters did end up together. The leading man Ji Hyum-woo is currently under military service.  It makes more kilig to know that those kisses PG-15 are somehow real making out sessions. LOLS!

Other series worth mentioning:


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The Rooftop Prince, another time traveling story. I only liked the first 2 and the last episode.  The rest are just fillers.  The parts that I like were the acting of the 3 minions of the Prince.  They were so cute! This series also had me craving for Omurice.  The series still left me with good spirits knowing that they tied up loose ends making it a feel good movie after all.


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The Heirs with Lee Min Ho casted as the lead. It was a disappointing show.  There was really no solid story, Lee Min Ho looked more like a college guy rather than a HS dude he’s portraying.  It centers on the lives of the upper 1% of the Korean society, the series had a good potential but did not execute the story line to be interesting enough for me.   It’s your typical poor girl got the attention of the troubled heir played by Min Ho (yes close kami).  Somehow they live in one house, since the Mom is the house help of the mudra of the rich family of Lee Min Ho.  By episode 17, it still felt like episode 5, I was looking for the big climax, but it didn’t come.  Saving the show is Lee Min Ho’s following, he is really cute. Ang cute talaga nya, specially when he cries.  It feels like you want to run and catch his tears. Hahaha! Ehem, 27 na ata sya.

I am currently watching


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Arang and the Magistrate, this is such a cute and funny story about a ghost and a person who can see ghosts.  It also shows the mythology of the Gods in the heavens and hell playing with the lives and events of men.  It also talks about the supernatural, the life of a magistrate in the Joseon era, how corrupt men existed even in the early times and how right always trumps the wrong.  This will be shown this year here in the Philippines by one of the networks entitled Tale of Arang.

Now if you don’t have time to wait for the next episode, or need assistance in understanding what happened during you favorite soaps head on to Drama Beans. A great detailed source of story lines and the writer’s personal comments on how they felt after watching the shows.

Enjoy K-Drama-ing!!! 🙂

For Future reference these are my line ups for the month of January all ongoing K-Drama shows:


Sassy Girl is now a full grown woman. She looks so hot!

My Love from Another Star, an alien inspired series that will keep you laughing and asking for more. Based on the written historical documentation in the Joseon era about a circular flying object, I bet I’ll be glued to the screen for this one.


The Prime Minister and I, Let’s see how politics and love plays around in the city of Seoul.

And least I forget, this is my favorite transformation show… Let Me In!  The Korean reality TV plastic/cosmetic surgery show.  You wont believe what these Koreans are capable of doing. Amazing, OK naiiyak ako sa ibang episodes kasi ang galing!

best korean plastic surgery hospital clinic let me in hospital let me in hospital korea

Here are my favorite transformations:



She was bullied and even went to the Philippines, still got bullied so she got on the show.

I can’t find the picture of that girl who was very masculine in features and was even very hairy like a man.  She was so feminine after the transformation.  She used to work hard labor lifting objects that’s why she became so masculine.  What touches me the most was how they get reunited with their family members. Aww.. the tears.  Parents would say sorry, but I wonder sorry for what? the genes they passed on?  Anyhoo, Skycable and Destiny Cable subscribers, its on Channel M every Wed at 11PM.

Enjoy K-Drama! =)


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