Wrong Ramen

Late Post.

I miss hanging out with my Besie.  We rarely see each other.  She’s busy with her work as a professional dentist who travels a lot and I’m busy with my then work in corporate and mommy-hood.  This was one of those only times when our schedule matched. We decided to try out Wrong Ramen at Burgos Circle.  Ramen joints in the Philippines became a fad last 2013.  Besie came home fresh from her Japan trip and was craving for something authentic.  It was 4:30 in the afternoon, we were already in front of the “Ramehan” (pauso ko sa ramen na mamihan). They open 5pm, so we had to wait out for them to let us in.

ImageChallenge accepted ^


Sat in the side table where sharing is a welcome option

For appetizer, we got the Tofu


Four pieces lang…. P 150


Here’s our Ramen


Besie got the Communist P 395


I got the Tantanmen also at P395

We like the richness of the ramen and one serving can be good for two people.  As this is a Ramen place, don’t expect an extensive menu.  The place is well designed, simple and modern.  They also have a second floor which gives you a great view of the Burgos Circle driveway.


Besie and I approve

I didn’t lose my head off after eating, but it was a warm filling meal. Great for a rainy afternoon.

Wrong Ramen: Forbes Town Center, Forbestown Rd, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig (02) 823-8249


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