Lucid nightmares

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**Edited, haha too much errors, tablet typing is haaarrddd!

I’m writing this fresh off my successful attempt of waking up, or have i woken up? Lucid dreams are awesome if its about being a super hero or winning the lottery, but mine was something out of a freakish movie plot.

At first I dreamt of being in the church with my friend Harriet. We were seated in the back row and was disappointed over the lack of clothing some of the church goers wore (pepe shorts and litaw tyan fitting tops). They were very noisy too and I was “shuushing” them like the other people in my dream. I even heard “katoliko ka ba?” to a girl by a guy who was obviously equally disappointed as I am. Then came this figure who stood beside me. I was sitting at the edge of the pew. It was a “she”, looked at her and saw she was already looking at me, her eyes were all black (parang demons sa supernatural) and she had this mischievous half smile on her face. She was morena with a short chin length hair. I was surprised when she suddenly sat on me, on my laps. In my dream I was holding my ipad, and it was squished by this thing, I even told Harriet “ang ipad koooo” then I “woke” up. I was back in our room but I can Still feeling her weight on me, but she wasn’t there. I couldn’t move I tried to shout but no words came out. Yes! typical bangungot.

I closed my eyes and prayed, when I opened them I was lying face down on a raining basement parking floor full of cars. I dont know where the water came from but its flooding the place. I was alone at first looking for the exit when a group of armed mafia looking men came out of nowhere. I sort of tiptoed away from them in the hopes of not seeing me, but they just passed by me, isip ko where they looking for something. What I saw next was truly horrifying, a gray looking thing that looks like a rotting dementor in a gray raincoat was limping after me. I was like bakit ako hinahabol nito eh merong mga ibang tao. I was running and found an exit, when i opened the door the stairs was blocked by a trashcan and my instincts said, oh no entry!

When I turned around, instead of the flooded basement I saw myself in front of a dimly lit small house hallway. Yes ibang level! I know at that point that everything was a dream was, I slowly walked and saw a lone woman sitting on a white ratan with blue foam sofa, it was night time, the house looked like a Mom and Tina’s restaurant with big sliding doors on both ends. I thought the lone woman was Bygo (friend from previous work), but when she turned she looked like my classmate Melaysee from high school. She smiled at me, it seems like she didn’t mind me there. Items I saw in the house were a wodden crib with a rubber duck inside, a wooden round dining table for four. Parang bahay ni Aunt Petnia of Harry Potter. Outside it was raining, much like a typhoon is coming, I looked at the garden-winds rustling the trees, the streets with orange light post (house is in a corner lot), there’s also a building across the house-kinda like a long wall similar to UST. What caught my attention was a street sign street, I tried to read it but the words were blurred up, the area is reminiscent of Manila. When I turned around I noticed a dark staircase was leading up the second floor, suddenly the girl spoke “oh she’s waiting for you upstairs”. Ano to? Oracle? Nope lady not going up!

I closed my eyes and told myself to wake up. I did find myself back inside our room, akala ko OK na, OJ and Shumi were still sleeping, it was dark outside. When i sat up thinking “hay salamat” OJ woke up and asked me what I was doing. I told him I was dreaming, then my attention caught these freakin mahjong blocks on our bed! Shhhhhh….. I was still in it! I covered myself in a blanket closed my eyes tight and when i opened them, still in the room, but OJ was already outside readying himself for work (he has Sat work). I slowly stood up, thinking if its a dream or not, when Bam! Still in a dream the unit looked different and OJ had Bobby Andrews hair circa TGIS. He looked at me and told me you’re still dreaming and it sounded like a mock, take note sumsayaw pa sya. I ran back to the room, covered myself in a blanket. I was already screaming praying-calling to the high heavens to wake me up. I even thought of jumping off the building to wake up, but was too scared. After praying to my guardian angel (yes I believe in them) I finally woke up. OJ’s first words were “tinatawag mo ba si Marra?” (another friend) because he said it sounded like i was calling her name.

I am so pagod. But I’m glad that I woke up from that dream. I am still sleepy since I was up at 3 nursing a sick child. The thing is, I am afraid to sleep now, what if I get trapped in my weird head again. The human brain is astonishingly creepy.


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