Olay! Ole! Ole! Ole! Lugi….


Disclaimer: This is not a paid blog. I woke up this morning and found out the truth about my favorite moisturizer.
ImageThis morning I opened the refrigerator (yes) to get my moisturizer (Olay).  I was pressing it but I figured I used all the contents inside.  Like most women, we would as much as possible use all the remaining contents of our lotion, make-up and the needed essentials to make it “sulit” (worth it).  Even though I have extra supply of Olay, I thought of opening it and scrapping what is left.

To my hearts disappointment this is what is inside an Olay bottle.




Where is the moisturizing cream? This is it?



I could not believe my eyes! I thought the the bottle was at least 3/4 filled with the heavenly cream. Aghast!  I was buying an 800 peso cream for such a little amount of product. Ang mahal ng packaging! 


And I thought I was making a smashing good deal! Olay still is one of the best moisturizing creams out in the market. I just felt cheated. Well it did state 50 grams,but uhmm… such an ingenious marketing ploy! 



3 thoughts on “Olay! Ole! Ole! Ole! Lugi….

  1. I learned about this a long time ago, not at all surprised since it says it’s 50grams lang 🙂 pero sana mas liitan nila ung packaging no, baka mas maging mura ang product

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