Kyochon in Manila

Hi I’m Faye and I’m a chicken wing addict!

I read a post from a HS schoolmate of mine (Hi Pam!) about how her trip to NYC wouldn’t be complete without a stop-over at the famous Korean chicken place “Unidentified Flying Chicken”.  Sheila, my ex-seatmate from the same HS commented that Pam might also like “Kyochon Chicken” which they have in the West Coast. It’s like God answered my curiosity, a branch just opened  at Megamall!

My Hubby OJ was having cabin fever today and I took it as an opportunity to drag him to Kyochon.


Located beside Krispy Kreme at Mega Mall Building B.  You won’t get lost, he will greet you! (matured na ang peg ni Fafi Lee Min Ho), Is it just me or there’s something funny with the sign he’s holding “a lot” hehehe…


We ordered from this textured thick menu which was all about chicken.

We got the combo meal Php999:

Twenty (20) pieces chicken wings, half original and half spicy,

It comes with a bowl of fresh greens,

4 cups of rice and 4 drinks.

You think we’ll stop there? We ordered one kimchi fried rice Php99 and a butter garlic fried rice, I forgot how much it cost maybe around Php60.

This is the Salad with citrus dressing.  I was forced to finish this since i’m the only salad eater 🙂 Even if I am not a sour food lover, i finished it! Cultured na ako! hahaha!


My Kimchi Fried Rice! I so love this! Will not however recommend pairing this with the Red series wings! Unless, you want to get a 5 minute burn in your mouth, believe me…believe me…


Kyochon Original and Red series Combo Platter, I can totally vouch for this one! I love the crispiness and the right amount of brushed coat for the original one. It is highly addicting.  I felt like 10 is not enough for me.  I just find the chicken wings really small, like really tiny wings.  Are these baby chickens? Still the taste is awesome.  I just have to tell you, the spiciness is lasting. I was only able to consume 3 spicy baby wings 😛


I am also digging the ambiance in the place! I so love KPOP, I mourned when I lost out Channel M, but its like destiny, they were playing my favorite group’s 2NE1’s Happy 🙂 (Kalma Faye, may Youtube naman) We also sat beside Nice by accident.


Here’s another view of the restaurant, I super like the clean minimalist feelof the restaurant.  The chairs were sturdy and tables neatly polished.  Flooring looked slip proof.


 I support sustainable businesses, happy to know they at least practice using eco-friendly napkins. My napkin with my mantika lips.


I totally recommend you to head over and try this new chicken wing place in town! Shumi approves!



UG/F SM Megamall, Blsdg B, Julia Vargas Ave cor EDSA Wack Wack, Mandaluyong; (02) 997-3333

Happy Eating!

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