Just Juice Juicing with Juceria!

Been fascinated with Juicing for the longest time.  I remember when it was introduced to me, the idea of not eating anything for the entire day, instead sip energy packed juices.  It horrifies me to imagine not eating rice an entire day. I read blogs about it which wasn’t much of help, it even fueled my fears saying different types of adverse reactions like panghihina, hunger and worst frequent trips to the banyo.  It kind of died down from there until early this year my goof friend Karren posted this pic on facebook:


Oh the curiosity!  I messaged Karren asked her the deets and made a little research.

What is Juicing?

Juicing involves a process where the natural liquids, vitamins, and minerals are extracted from raw fruits and vegetables, this process strips away any solid matter from the fruits and vegetables and you’re left with liquid only.

Sounds innocent, then I typed what to expect when juicing.  Multiple websites have listed what are the most common after effects of juicing and I will list down the most popular ones.

  1. Hunger Pangs – What do you expect? Nothing solid comes in.
  2. Weakness – I think this is the no carbo no fuel premise.
  3. Bad Breath and Body Odor – I know people who eat a lot that reeks!
  4. Giddiness, Nausea – hmmm…. (I’m excited or i’m fainting?)
  5. Bloating – Shouldn’t that be the other way around?
  6. Frequency in bowel movement – this is the shocker!
  7. Aches and pains – OUCH! I need a hamburger oops i mean medicine!
  8. Something is missing? Where’s the “I can buy your friends part?”

These after effects list do have a disclaimer, it can happen or not which depends on your body’s reaction to the nutrition method. Instead of running for my dear life, I felt excited.  I texted the number Karren gave me and I was happy that the owner herself responds to messages.  Ms. Junlyn was very kind and comprehensive with her text response. She assured me that Juicing is not all that scary.  Even her kids drink their juices.  I placed in an order and convinced my sister to try it too (kailangang ng kasangga).  We got the three day program of 6 bottles, this program allows you to eat light breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Delivery is separate but its not too expensive to deliver to Pasig.

We received our orders at 5:30pm the day before of the actual cleanse and placed them in the ref immediately.


Even if the bag is well insulated  with ice packs to ensure cool storage, it is important to store the fresh juices in a controlled temperature environment.  This bag is really sturdy.  Made out of Katya with insulated insides, though its not leak proof, I find it stylish, light to carry with a simplistic design.  I have three of this!

Let me introduce you to my source of nourishment for those 3 days.


Juice 1, The Green Optimizer (Banana, Cucumber, Carrots, Spinach, Sweet Potato Tops, Parsley, Lemon and Honey)

At 8AM I woke up that day feeling determined, grabbed the first juice labelled #1 and took a sip.  The more evident taste is the cucumber and parsley.  I opened my eyes and told my self not bad! not bad at all!  The instruction says, sip the juice rather than having it in one go.  I ate a banana for breakfast and felt full until 10 AM where its time for drink #2.


Juice 2, Orange Regulator (Apple, Carrots & Lemon)

This drink is surprising refreshing!  Its a sweetened Carrot Juice.


Juice 3, The Yellow Flusher (Pineapple, Apple and Mint)

This is my favorite out of all the bunch!  I look forward to 12 noon so I can drink this! Mildly sweet and light.


Juice 4, Red Detoxifier.

I thought at first that I will be treated to the sweetness of berries but I was fooled.  I think this is the hardest drink I had to take out of all the 6 juices.  It comes with an “earthy” smell and taste and I think I can owe that to the beets. It was hard for me to take it in sips so I decided to just drink the whole bottle in one go.  My technique was not to breath while drinking.  It worked!


Juice 5. Tangerine neutralizer (Apple, Carrot and Celery)

I think this is the most popular drink that can easily be reproduced.  The dominant taste is the Carrot with a hint of celery and sweetened by  apples.  YUM YUM YUM!!! My 6 o’clock habit!


Lastly Juice 6, Lime Reductor (Cucumber, Celery, Lemon, Moringa and Honey)

It ends your day with a bit of bitter, I think that’s because of the Moringa. It is the only one I can say that taste strongly of leaves but smartly ends my day of health conscious sacrifice.  Kinda sealed the deal with “Yes, I am indeed juicing!”.

What did I experience?

  1. I was never hungry! Seriously, the juices of Juiceria are filled with fiber.  Its not all watery, as they say, they like their juices with texture.
  2. Day 1, I never felt anything weird with my bowel movement, but come Day 2, yes, it became more frequent.  It wasn’t the my tummy hurts I can’t take it any longer, i felt fine, your bowels are easier and my tummy was significantly softer and reduced.
  3. I felt a bit agitated, I guess I have to prepare a bit like slowly introducing a more liquid diet the days prior to juicing instead of the cold turkey move that I made.  I did get a bit more hot headed, but maybe its all psychological. (My head was screaming LIEMPO and BACON)
  4. No body odors! NONE!
  5. No bad breath, how I dealt with it? Drinking lots of water.  Drink up!
  6. Loosing 3kgs. Yes! I did! and its all in the tummy! My mid section looked less bloated- yes no bloating too.  I was happy standing in front of the mirror in the longest time.
  7. Over all felt satisfied.

Will I recommend Juicing? YES! Thanks Karren for the inspiration!

It was a great experience and a great way to kick start your healthy diet plan.  It helps you lose that unwanted water retention and makes it easier for you to loose the extra poundage.

Juiceria Cleanse was the right choice for me to partner with.  Ms Junlyn was very helpful and informative.  The orders came in time and juices were so fresh!  So if you decide to try out the ” Fresh Juice” try Juiceria, they deliver to the whole of Metro Manila.

Have fun!


Location : Multinational Avenue, Multinational Foodmart, Multinational Village 1708 Parañaque

Hours of Operation: 09:00 – 23:00

Phone Number: (02) 463 5629

Website: http://www.juiceriacleanse.com


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