Peach Tutu Series : My Runs in a Tutu


Last year I fought my personal battle with cancer.  I gave up my chances to bear another child and it did made me sad for a while.  I kinda went out, showed my face to the world pretending to be strong, but deep inside I felt  empty, weak and depressed. It got me into a slump, but slowly and surely I kicked my butt (in my head) and proclaimed “I am over you cancer!”

In my own quirky way being the goofball that I am I came up with my personal project of getting awareness out about surviving endometrial cancer.  I know my idea isn’t original but I think its really cute to run in a tutu.  I asked Sheen a good friend of mine that makes customized arts and crafts to make a tutu for me (YEAH!) and Shumi.

I just have to tell you, running in a tutu SPECIALLY in a long (21k) run is HAAAARRRDDDDDD!

Here are some photos of me running in a Peach–really cute Tutu. I get to spot myself easily in the galleries too!

Etude Princess Run (10K)

They started late and I felt miserably toasted on top of the Kalayaan Buendia Flyover but it was fun nonetheless.

Run faye

World Vision Run (21K) a really blurry picture

I lost 3 toe nails in the process. Note to self, cut nails before running!

10406568_857925904235536_4927181747016490026_n Runfest (21K) Running with the boys

I will never look at the Market-Market C5 Flyover the same way again! I conquered you!!


Fun Run with the Stars (16k) -ANG INIT !!!

Roxas Blvd is unforgiving, with little shade you really need to work on your speed. Speed– next time I will be faster.


Run ni Pidol (21K)

This was a fun run, I loved the route. It started on time and best of all, the weather was cool.

faye jump 1

Other Runs I have no pictures are National Geographic 21k and Milo Marathon Qualifiers 10K.

I just realized, I have ran 4 21ks in the the past 2 months and I think that’s awesome!

I wear a Peach Tutu when I run. I am not vain, I am a survivor and I want to share it to the world that no matter what happens, life goes on.

fight like a girl 3

Make every second count! Cheers!


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