Cochinillo Del Cielo… Goodness!

Whenever I attend parties, or any social get-together the one true highlight of the event is the “Lechon”, I would go and say  “Wow, may Lechon ah! Sosyal”.  People line up and get their favorite parts, the skin would be the first to go, next to the juicy pork meat.  Cebu is widely popular for Lechon (I think Antony Bourdain helped) but luckily for us Laloma, QC is just around the corner.

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Last week, I was invited by my friend Nina to tag-along as she covered one of her clients feature in a lifestyle magazine. Before arriving, Nina gave me a little info on what to expect, and by little she just said “You love lechon right?”, I was over the moon excited.  We were welcomed in the home of Tinee De Guzman, someone who’s name made a buzz last year and was being coined as Mr. Cochinillo by many.  Tinee as I would describe him is warm, funny, intelligent and entrepreneurial.  He had such high energy that you will definitely feel the positive charge in the room.  We were led to the outside kitchen (awesome idea) to show his main show for that night.


He showed us his customized oven, the “pugon”, he has two.

When he opened the magical oven doors its… “JAAAANNNGGGG”!!! what a moment!

Tinee also prepared his Noodle Paella which got me so excited, I’ve never tasted a noodle paella in my life (I live in a fast food world).

Chiqui, the wife of Tinee was a great host, she sat down with us and offered Snacks, Champagne and Chocolates while waiting for the star of the evening.  We had a great time, swapping stories of restaurants, make-up and tuition fees.

Finally our “Suckling Pig”

It was laid on the table waiting to be cut.. I was looking for the knife, but Tinee took out a saucer plate.. What?

Every cut he made had this crunching sound, like telling me to “get a piece of my skin” sort of thing, but I was too shy to ask. May shoot pa!

The Paella came out beautiful too. Wonderful colors and you won’t believe its not rice!

This was my first serving….

I even asked for rice…

We had an animated conversation with Tinee during dinner, he is so passionate in what he does. He told us how he started, that he wanted to deviate from the typical Lechon cooks. He wanted to introduce a high quality product that can have a following. While telling the story, I took my first bite and I zoned out, the roasted baby pork was so good! The flavor, the seasoning is right. You don’t need to use sauce to enjoy it. The skin was magnificent, it was crunchy and the oil from natural fat was not overwhelming. I had 2 additional servings, sorry I couldn’t help myself.  The Paella also has that refreshing twist, it was very light, and the seasoning was spot on. Perfect combination.

We asked, how did you come up with such an amazing product. His answer, sourcing out to trusted people and making sure that the materials used are of high quality.

He advised us that if we order this for any family event, we have an hour to serve it from pick-up, this way the Cochinillo is well rested and you get a great dish.

After 30 minutes..

Thank you very much Tinee and Chiqui for allowing me to experience one of the best tasting Cochinillo Del Cielo of my life.

Interested to order? Visit their Facebook page Cochinillo Del Cielo


One thought on “Cochinillo Del Cielo… Goodness!

  1. Very enticing! Thank you for sharing your first taste of our Cochinillo del Cielo cuisine. We love it when we hear rave reviews! Mabuhay si Mr. Cochinillo, Tinee de Guzman and his lovely wife, Chiqui!

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