I Love Running! Peach Tutu at it Again!

Faye 2

Things that Running can make me do:

1. Wake-up SUPER EARLY to get tired (happy tired) –had no sleep literally “0” winks the night before the race.

2. Train your brain to focus on one goal (faster….so I can get to the next hydration station)

3. Bring out the competitive in me (I must catch up with OJ!!! I must catch up with OJ!)

4. Be a good sport (Ubos na ba ang loot bag? OK lang!)

5. Become extra friendly, coz smiling is important (specially when photographers are taking your picture)


I will never look at you the same way again Inflatable Obstacle Course!! Nevarrrr!!!

Ensure Run gave me one helluva fighting with three of these bad boys!  You can’t bring a cancer survivor down!!! If they can do it, so can I!  Will power and a boost from the hubby made me climb the last tall slide.  Yeah!

Fun 10k! What’s next??? 


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