After a looooong hiatus from blogging..I’m back!

I have been one busy woman.  My life is jam-packed with all sorts of activities that my husband would label me “distracted” every time he gets a chance to.  The brain of a woman is so complex.  I get to focus a good hour on a task then I shift to another “hey a squirrel” moment.

My laptop–correction our family’s laptop finally gave in.  Our very used Lenovo just went blue screen on me in the middle of a bloody excel battle.  I knew the laptop was falling into pieces.  There were signs, the fan was noisy and the computer would heat up, like really hot (tssss!).  I bought an external fan which helped on the first 2 weeks, but it too gave up after a month.  The sides were cracking, it was only a matter of time. I am using a loan laptop, a Core 2 Duo which back in 2005 was the fastest machine out in the consumer market. The computer is an HP pro book and it weighed a heavy almost 3kgs.  it would take me a lot of effort to haul it to one part of our small space to another.  Now with the minimal programs that I use, a simple cut and paste would take me 30 seconds to accomplish. Gaaah!

Everyday seems to be  filled with at least 10 emotions and I am amazed at how I manage to get through each day without shedding a tear.  It’s true, when you face death in the eye nothing really scares you….except for moomoo but that is another story <hahaha>.  I would fantasise about writing, steaming out my thoughts about freelance, motherhood and “looking for ways to earn money cause daughter is entering big school” sort of things in the small breaks that I have until I hear my daughter say “I want Mommy”.

My family keeps me sane, even if they are sometimes the reason why I feel crazy.  I am reminded that I am loved unconditionally, needed, wanted and those are the main reason why I keep going and going and going….just like that pink energiser bunny.  Chin up working Moms , Momprenuers and those addicted to multi-tasking.  We all love what we do and I salute you!



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