A few months back someone left a message on my blog  asking if I was willing to answer a few questions.  

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 12.30.39 AM

When I got her message, I was like–is this real?  Someone actually reads my blog? I was excited to write her a response.  Hmm..what to tell her? She was asking me for “some tips on how to look good while running” NUKS naman, ako magbigay ba ng beauty advice while running?  Me ganon!? You see I run in a tutu, I wrote a blog last August why I chose to run in  one. Wearing something as bulky as a tutu isn’t so bad.  Its actually fun, it adds personality to the runner and I get to spot myself easily in the photos.

My friend Carlo messaged me on FB early Thursday morning that he saw me on Runner’s World Ph.  It was ELEVATION MOMENT.


In summary, my pointers are:

1. Always lather yourself with a moisturiser in friction prone areas like the waist band, bra area (for girls), inner arms, inner thighs and yes even your groin. I use petroleum jelly and so far it works.

2. HYDRATE, HYDRATE and HYDRATE.  Your skin will thank you!

3. Lastly, I forgot to mention in the article – wear sunblock.

I wore my Peach Tutu again last Sunday and ran another 21k.  We were horridly late, imagine Pasig to MOA took us 1 hour.  Traffic was crazy at 2:00AM.  I didn’t make PR, I actually had to stop by an ambulance to get my BP, I had pain in my lower right part of the chest.  My BP turned out to be 130/80 –hmm and I was running at an average of 7.20 (not really fast but not really walking too). Good bye 10 minutes, I figured it was cramping muscles and I just needed a banana.  Glad they had a banana station.

collage rexona

It was another fun run with my best running buds OJ (XOXO), Nina and Liza (Level-up na kayo sa 21k girls!!!)

Wooohooo Peach Tutu ran another 21k! On to another milestone on Nov. 9, New Balance Power Run: 25K category! Keep ’em coming!

Get a copy of Runners World PH in stores now!

runners world front


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