Peach Tutu’s 364 Days of Running 2015 Edition

Today I ran my first run of the year.  Last time I ran was the 25k New Balance Power Run in November of 2014.

This reboot run is one of the hardest. I ran my slowest, felt my butt cramp and breath heavily. This is what the holidays did to me.  I am vowing to work it all off with my “run everyday” project.  Just 5k a day can make a difference.

Sharing with you my route for today, we chose the Ortigas business district.  This route is originally my Hubby’s preferred way.  Our route passes Ortigas Avenue, Sapphire, Garnet, F Ortigas Jr (Emerald), Ruby, Topaz and ADB avenue.  It is fairly straight forward with some little turns and loops. No elevation but the pathways are a bit worn with cement cracks. I have to warn you that it gets pretty crowded along Emerald avenue, beware of puffs a long the way. In total one cycle covers 5.85km. Not bad for a daily run!

Ortigas Route Running #TeamPerez

I can’t wait to see my end of the year result.  Tomorrow I’m measuring my body and see how fast I can lose those peste inches! Peach Tutu is excited!! Who’s with me?


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